Mathis From France Thanks CEA For Making It Possible………

Hello everyone,

I’m Mathis and I am from France and I am 17 years old. I left my school at the half of the equivalent of year 12 in France to come to Sydney Australia on the Sydney program. We enrolled very late, but CEA helped secure me a place in a high school and I started immediately in March. I was not sure if I wanted to come to English college or High school. We decided high school was better so I can immediately practice my English with my fabulous Australian host family as well as high school so I can practice my English ever day with teenagers of similar age. It was my aim that I wanted to improve my English in the sight of my future studies which require a high level in English.
Although we didn’t know how to do the formal things such as the visa, find a family and everything. We had a friend who found the Campus Education Australia CEA and she did all the research and referred this to my parents and this really helped me a lot

CEA helped find the right family for me. Actually the family CEA found me was an unbelievable family and they were all very nice people. Living with a local Australian family who were very relaxed and layed back was great for my stay in Australia.

I had a host brother who was 18 and a host sister 15. Honestly I highly recommend your host family to have children around your age it makes everything more fun and enjoyable! – well it did for me.
During my exchange I went to a fabulous high school which I found was a very good school, the teachers and the pupils were all very friendly. I made such great friends, I will stay in contact with them all and I will see them when I come back as I loved Sydney and the Northern beaches. I will really miss them.

I did so many things during these 4 months I had here on the Sydney program Such as going to the city sooooooo beautiful and it is so good as well for the shopping, Canberra the Australia’s capital, a lot of surfing as I just fell in love with surfing.. I surfed every single day as I was only minutes from the beach. I also was invited a lot of parties, and it was a load of fun!!! I would have loved to stay longer but unfortunately I need to go back in France to go to school…

Thanks again for the amazing time I had in Australia, thank you Campus Education Australia CEA for making it possible and locating the best family and best school !

Mathis – France.