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Chile is one of the safest and most economically stable countries in South America. From the Andes Mountains, to the Atacama Desert, Chile is a nature and South America lover’s dream. Chile spans across the west coast of the continent, and has cultural influences from Peru, Argentina, and Bolivia.

Student 15-18 years  keen to come for a High school cultural exchange abroad realise its a wonderful place to enjoying the amazing families, food and school system is very good.  Student learn to love their school uniform, have breakfast with your homestay while discussing afternoon plans, and take the next Micro to your school adventure!

Improve Spanish speaking skills while attending High school or Language academy from 6 week stay in Christmas or full immersion for 3 month term, 5 months semester or 10 month year abroad.


Chilean schools essentially follow a block schedule. This means each class is longer, but there are less classes within the day, and you will not have all your classes everyday. All classes are in the same room with the same twenty classmates, and teachers come to you. You don’t have to move in between classes. Additionally, there is a fifteen minute break in between every class where students sit in the courtyard.

Normally, school days are from 8:00-3:15. Five days a week, you’ll attend a local high school to learn about Chilean Nobel Laureate poets, traditional Latin American dances, and discuss the fundamentals of Psychology  in classes taught solely in Spanish!


Chilean host families are incredibly warm and welcoming. They do expect you to speak with them in Spanish and will help you to learn the basics of everyday language. Do not be afraid of making mistakes; the only way to learn a language is to practice, practice, practice.

Before you realize it, you will be speaking like a native Chilean! It is very common that your Host family will live close to extended family. Chilean host families bond very quickly and lifetime friendships are formed. Many students visit the nearest city during their weekends.

“I love king crab a lot. I love good Mexican food, good tacos, and chile rellenos.”

Joey Chestnut