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Do you love great weather, going to the beach and having a relaxed lifestyle? Come for 4-12 weeks to Australia. Join our Short Stay Summer Camp program x 4-6 weeks is available July/August in beauitufl New South Wales during your summer break giving you a true Australian immersion experience with a great local family very keen to have you stay, local school and enjoy our great Aussie lifestyle. Orientation Camp includes 2 days visiting the famous Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge and local sights. School Placements available on the North coast, South coast  New South Wales and beautiful South Australia. The weather is great, heaps of outdoor things to do.

Sports High School program  are you an Elite sports athlete? Study in a Australia in a Sports high school while training every day for 2 hours with an elite international sports coach.  Soccer, Football, Tennis, Rugby, Basketball or Netball.  Be among elite players coached by International coaches and enjoy daily coaching while attending local Australian High school with regular classes and a full immerion staying with a great host family.


The Australian school year begins at the end of January and finishes in the middle of December. Students on a Cultural Exchange can choose their subjects of studies.

English is the only compulsory subject. The school day usually goes from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

At least one afternoon of the week is dedicated to sport activities. Inter-school sports competitions are also very common.

Generally students have lunch at school, which they bring from home, but most schools offer canteen facilities as well. Students on a Cultural Exchange can choose from a semester or year-long program.


Australian families generally live in a single home in a residential or rural area. Most homes have three to four bedrooms, and many have a swimming pool. Most Australian families have pets.

Many of our host families live in the countryside, offering students the real experience of the Australian outback, as well as the friendliness and warmth of people in that area.

Australian families are active people who enjoy spending time together. They are outgoing and kind with a good sense of humor.

Teenagers have chores and are expected to clean their own room, help out with the dishes and other household chores.The size of the country and the spread of the population have made long distance travel quite common for Australians.

“ I want to go to Australia and take the same goofy picture of me holding a koala that everyone else takes.”


– Jessi Klein