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High school cultural exchange for students 15-18 years for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 months in Spain is an experience of a lifetime.  Sampling the tasteful delights of delicious Tapas,  traditional Churros and drinking hot chocolate at local cafés after school.

Visiting old historic cities and observing the architecture. Learn to make paella with your home family. Attending classes (in Spanish) at a public or private Spanish High School with local students.  All of this and more can happen if you are looking to studying abroad in Spain.

If you just want a taste of spain to help improve your speaking skills we have the exciting  4-6 week White Christmas program available in November, December or January.  You will be able to attend a local Spanish high school or Language college while staying with a wonderful  Spanish family to experience a full cultural experience and Spanish Christmas.  Improving your speaking skills and cultural awareness will help you achieve great final grades in Spanish exams.

Or decide to go longer for 3 month trimester, 5 month semester, 10/11 month academic full school year is a great opportunity to become fluent in your Spanish language speaking skills, learn about a new culture, and make new lifelong friends.


In Spain,  school hours vary depending on the area and type of school. One typical schedule would be classes from 9am – 5pm with a two-hour lunch break. Another typical schedule would be classes From 9am – 2pm with no lunch break. When there is a lunch break of more than one hour, students usually go home to have lunch with their family. Students are usually in the same classroom all day and the teachers move around to the different class rooms.

Public schools are co-educational and students do not wear school uniforms. School activities include sports/gymnastics, music, drawing and crafts. They are part of the Spanish educational curriculum and depends on the class the students are placed in. Excursions and sports competitions are also offered as extra curricular activities.


If you like talking, smiling, going out, being with people and enjoying life, you are coming to the ideal country. Spanish host families are very welcoming to the students on a Cultural exchange, and eager to make them part of the family.

The life in a Spanish host family tends to revolve around the host mother. She is the one who, most of the time, arranges everything and makes all the big decisions. In the afternoon the student will be able to do homework or activities such as participating in sports, flamenco classes etc.

Later in the evening the family then meets up for a nice dinner. Food is very important in Spain and the host family will expect the student to try most of the specialties on offer.

The Spanish eating schedule is quite late compared to many other countries, with lunch served normally from 2–3 pm and dinner from 9–10 pm. On the weekends the students normally spend time with the host family and their relatives or with friends.

“Spain is a fascinating mix of people, language, culture and food, but if there is one thing all 

Spaniards share, it’s a love of food and drink”

Jose Andres