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High school for students 15-18 years  is beautiful Canada offers a cosmopolitan society that is likely to feel familiar to most Westerners, but that is also uniquely its own. Studying abroad is about the experience of a new culture more than anything else.  Come for a semester or year abroad and experience country life with local warm caring Canadian family.

It’s about seeing new things, meeting people with different lifestyles and belief systems than your own. Exchange programs in Canada could help students connect with a new society in ways that may stay with them for life.


Canadian Public Schools are a fantastic option for international students to study secondary school, at a great value. Within Canada, each province offers a relevant, engaging curriculum with a wide variety of choices for students to select across all disciplines and available to join the program in August/September or January for a semester or year abroad and available in English speaking part of Canada.

Not only are students studying for what will prepare them for post-secondary studies, they are also able to take unique courses that will give them the ability to succeed in whatever field they choose to.

Each school and school board has a set of programs that are designed to meet varying student interests.

Some high school students come to Canada for the experience of a year or semester or year abroad.

Canada for multiple years as preparation for university in Canada.


Canadian host families are friendly and welcoming to all, and will help you adjust culturally and practically to your new life far away from home. You’ll improve your English rapidly through daily communication with them, as host families will speak English as their primary language at home.

Your family will be there for you to help you become comfortable and confident in your Canadian high school, and introduce you to life in Canada. You will share your family’s social activities, and might even try something new like ice skating or tubing.