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Study Abroad Campus Education offers you a unique quality study abroad programs that are tailored for your teenager. As a parent it will give you a sense of security to allow your teenager to grow and mature in a safe and caring environment. As well as Peace of mind as your teenager experiences many adventures and memories. This is the best investment in your teenagers life both in education and their future. It is more then any classroom will ever offer them as you are setting them up for life.
High school or Language Academy College
Our full immersion high school programs in all countries available for 4-10 weeks, 3, 5, 10 month If you wish to participate in a Language college prior to your school placement to improve your speaking skills or you may only want to attend Language college only and live with a local family if you prefer this for 2 – 12 weeks. If you need to keep up with other languages, We will help you find a local tutor to keep up your conversation in French, Italian, Latin, German or Spanish if this is required while you are abroad
Host family
Host families all live in a safe, quality area while students all attending the local schools. All the host families are personally interviewed in their home. Family members are security screened and require an official working with children government screening check and background criminal check. All the Host families are subject to random visits to ensure the environment is suitable. We do share the family with you and then you can decide if this the family for you. We also give you the option to choose on our suggested host family for most destinations so you are completely happy with your choice.
Before you arrive you will be sent details of how to prepare yourself before you arrive.
On arrival you are met by our student coordinator and briefed on the country’s culture and your new language helping you to prepare for the time abroad.
Sightseeing – Orientation Camps
When you arrive all the students will meet to see all the great sights with our CEA local representative or with your host family. Some country destinations will have sightseeing inclusions so you have things to see and do. All countries will differ on arrival your country of destination may have an Orientation Camp that is held on specific dates. NSW program: Students will visit the Famous Opera House, Harbour bridge,  wildlife park, aquariums, kangaroos, koalas and or Madame Tussaud and visit the famous Sydney Tower. Students arriving on our European/USA/Canada  program it will depend on the location of your exchange and your local representative or host family will show you the local sights and you will have plenty of time to see them yourself. Spain Program:  offers a great pre orientation camp in August and January is subject to numbers.
Sport and adventure
You can join a sporting team, play tennis, work out gym, surf club, swim club, dive club, surf school, music group, dance group, soccer, rugby, football, ballet, hip hop, yoga, pilates, boot camps, photography whatever you wish to do, you can do it anything and everything is possible
Local coordinator: 
You will have a local coordinator who will be there for you and live relatively close to you. Your local coordinator will always be available for you to contact 24/7 and also all speak English.
Periodic updates to your home country
We will send updates and photos back to your parents back home so they also can see you are having a great time, with Facebook it makes it easy for your parents to check in themselves and watch your journey and we suggest you  skype no more than once a week.
Health Insurance:
This is compulsory for all students to travel abroad

Included in the programs
– Host families are security checked and interviewed in their home and located near the High school or language school you will to attend
– Quality  high school placement, Language school is optional extra
– Language school option 4,6,8,10 weeks in any country
– GAP program optional language school choice or course on request
– Enrollment in a quality school or language school and tuition
– Private high, Private performing art schools also available on request
– Medical insurance included programs 3 – 12 week programs
– We meet you at airport and transfer to your host family home
– All meals and board with the family when attending high school. Language  school 2 meals daily and 3 on the weekend
– Telephone SIM card on arrival for your mobile phone
– Your own room with bed, study desk and room to store your things.
– Your own room or share room on shorter programs Europe and abroad, you have a choice
– Fabulous family support and feel like a real family member
– Support for both you and your parents while you are abroad
– Sightseeing abroad
– Australia: Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Wildlife park, kangaroos, koala, Aquarium, Sydney Tower,
Europe/Americas:   Austria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain,  Switzerland,  USA, UK
– Sightseeing varies slightly in each country tour, your host family is always keen to show you local sights
– Fabulous caring supportive local coordinator 24/7 who lives nearby.
– Awesome school and teachers who are caring and supportive
– Excursions optional –  available for student to participate on – varies in each country
– Local Representative, Emergency Support 24/7 all countries
– Quality and safe area school and homes
– Optional extra tours, weekend or school vacation offered depending on the country you visit
– Location location location
– Live in a quality area  –  Australia program you may live close to great beaches, surfing, shopping, sightseeing, boating, local sights.  Europe program you may in local village,  towns experiencing a full immersion, near ski fields, skating, biking, hiking, horseriding, local shopping, movies.

The following you will need to do yourself
Air flight travel to Europe on most programs you will need to book this yourself
Air flight travel to Australia you will need to book this yourself
Air flight travel for Canada, Chile, USA  program you will need to book this yourself
Air flights for the White Xmas program 4 & 8 weeks to Europe to book yourself
Air flights included ex Australia with 2 Stars ** next to program fee only – check with CEA
Air flights included for 3 week Study tours ex Australia to French, German, Italian, Spanish with chaperone
Language school option prior to high school placement highly suggested if time permits
Visa fees and processing
Travel & Medical insurance
Cancellation insurance
School uniform and materials – can purchase when you arrive
Pocket money (you will need money for personal expenses
Minimum of Euro 300 or AUD 400 or US 350 per month
Mobile/Handy phone, best bring your own and compulsory change to NEW COUNTRY Sim card and ensure you unlock this prior to arrival
Computer, must bring your own and remember to bring adaptor and charger for visiting country