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Participating on our German High school program for students 15-18 years excited about a cultural exchange is a opportunity of a life time.  Our programs for student to travel from 1 – 10 months during the year.  Great oppportunity to also go on our 4-6 weeks White Christmas trip allowing to attend a local high school, language school and stay with a great family during Christmas.  German is the first language of the European Union.   Even outside the country, it is most widely spoken on the european continent.

Your curriculum might be determined by the school you attend, or you may be able to choose it yourself. Either way, the cultural immersion of studying abroad may offer the guidance and direction students need to pursue interests and skills to improve your language speaking skills and final exams.


High School in Germany is from Monday to Friday. We offer a program from arrivals in January, August and December.  White Christmas program is from 4 – 6 weeks or you can join the program for  3, 5, 10 months.  There are two school semesters. The 1st semester starts in summer and ends in January, the second semester runs from January till June or July, sometimes August.

In German schools students have the opportunity to learn English, French, Spanish and Latin. Students are strongly urged to become involved in extracurricular activities outside of school such as sports, clubs, social events, art, music, or drama, as long as these activities do not interfere with their academic progress.


Spending time together is very important to German families. Since Germany is densely populated, so entertainment and other activities are always nearby.

The Germans love to celebrate, and never miss an opportunity to do so. Many festivals such as Munich’s renowned “Oktoberfest,” Christopher Street Day in Cologne, the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin, “Fastnacht” in Mainz and Carnival in Cologne have long become an international synonym for high spirits and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

In their everyday life, people are busy with work and school during the day, and most families have dinner together. The student should help out in the host family’s home and join the family for family Activities. Most German teenagers are taught to be independent and participate in making decisions from an early age.

Spare time activities are very popular in Germany and soccer is certainly the biggest sport. Other popular sports are gymnastics, tennis, shooting, athletics and handball. More than 40 % of all Germans regularly do a sport, and sport is one of their preferred hobbies.