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French culture is world-renowned for its artistic, architectural, and culinary achievements. These influences and more will broaden the cultural horizons of any high school students 15-18 years studying abroad in France going for 4 – 10 weeks,  3 months , 5 months semester or 10 months academic year program. Studying in a local French lycée or high school, you’ll be immersed in French language and customs. Take the opporutnity to participate on our unique White Christmas program in the Alps of france departing November/ December for 6 weeks,  attend a local elite school while experiencing living with an amazing quality host family and enjoy a French Christmas together in beautiful french alps area.

What you learn during the day will sink in at night when you go home to your host family and community. You’ll be much more than a tourist snapping quick photos of the Eiffel Tower. During your cultural exchange experience student, you’ll eat, drink, and breathe French culture.


The French school year starts in early September and ends in June, and is divided into three terms. About every seven weeks, there is a two-week break. Our program also offers a unique White Christmas 6 weeks trip arriving December with the opportunity to attend a local quality school and experiencing a French Christmas with great family.

The French educational system is known to be hard but very rewarding, with a strong focus on developing critical thinking.A school day starts around 8 am and can finish as late as 6 pm. Usually there is no class on Wednesday afternoons.

No uniforms are required, even in the private schools.French schools do not offer many extracurricular activities, but towns offer youth clubs and activities.


Meals are important for families and taken together. Dinner is also the time to share the day with the other members of the family. The word of elders is to be respected.

In most families, both parents work, and help from the children is therefore very welcome. French families enjoy a great deal of traditions.

If you are in France for the winter holidays you may try the Galette des Rois – a crusty cake filled with almonds or apples, eaten in early January to celebrate the religious story of the visit of the three Kings to Jesus.

On Mardi Gras you may try la Chandeleur – a crêpe made and tossed with a coin in hand to bring good luck.

“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for 

the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.”

 Ernest Hemingway