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Between the rolling hills of Austria’s countryside, Vienna’s classical opera scene, and Salzburg’s castles, a high school trip abroad in Austria is an enchanting experience.

Spending high school 15-18 years abroad in Austria will open up high school students to hundreds of years of history while learning German and enjoying schnitzel, open-air markets, and the opera.

Austria is great for students who are interested in architecture, history, and learning German on our White Christmas 6 weeks program, 3 month, 5 month semester or 10 month year abroad opportunity.


Most schools in Austria are public and do not require school uniforms. Austrian youths study at high school (Gymnasium) for eight years. A minimum level of German knowledge is required for students keen to come on a cultural exchange to receive grades in their subjects or you can take up learing the German language prior to your arrival so you can enjoy a full immersion.  There is also the opporutnity to take extra classes in German and this is optional.

In most cases students go to school five days a week starting in mid-September. There are schools that have classes on Saturdays as well. These schools have weekend classes because school days in Austria are fairly short.

Lessons in school start just before 8 o’clock in the morning and finish around an hour after lunch during weekdays, and around noon on Saturdays.

Students can join many sports and music activities in school. Each school arranges trips, either for sporting or cultural activities. Some students opt to walk or ride a bike to school, so they can experience the city.


Most host families live in small communities near a bigger city or town. Austrian towns are very picturesque and often feel somewhat small compared to other European cities.

Many host parents work, therefore the students should be mature enough to prepare their own lunch or warm up some food. In most cases, the family eats together in the evening. You will probably have the chance to go sightseeing with your family.

Many places are close by in Austria, so weekend trips to adjoining countries are not unusual. Austrians are known for their “Gemütlichkeit,”meaning their warm and friendly ways. Therefore, you can be sure to feel welcome in your new family.

“I am a big believer in education, because when I grew up in Austria – when I grew up in Austria, I had a great education. I had great teachers.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger