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Switzerland is a great opportunity for students 15-18 years interested in improving your German speaking skills and love the outdoors just as much as city life.  Our unique White Christmas x 6 week with an arrival December and experience Chritmas the Swiss way or our 5 month Semester or 10 month Year program is a great way to really have a full immersion. Switzerland is well-placed for the motivated student to make the most of his or her study abroad opportunity to learn as much as possible about Europe and European culture.

Home to many foreign residents as well as native Swiss citizens, Switzerland is a multilingual country that welcomes people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

Switzerland is famous for its natural beauty, which the Swiss work very hard to protect. In most communities, you won’t be far from snow-capped mountains or crystal-clear lakes. If the environment is important to you, you’ll appreciate all the effort the country puts into recycling and conservation.


Students on a Cultural Experience are usually placed in local public high schools, which are called “Gymnasium” or “Mittelschule” in Switzerland. Schools are closed for one or two weeks in the fall. There is also a break over Christmas/New Year, and in spring for one or two weeks. In February, there is a two-week winter sports holiday.

Some schools organize ski camps during this time. Summer break lasts from approximately the beginning of July until the middle of August.

Sports are not widely practiced at high schools, but many different kinds of sports are offered on a local level. Students are encouraged to participate in sports or other clubs in their free time through village clubs or town sport centers.


Most host families live in rented apartments or houses. In many families the mother is a housewife and/or works part-time. The main meal is eaten in the middle of the day, either together or at school. In the evening, dinner is served around 6 or 7 pm.

Typically Swiss meals include potatoes, pasta, vegetables, salad, cheese and meat, but international Cuisine such as Italian, Asian and American food is also very popular.

Kids help out with household chores and most Swiss teenagers are used to organizing their spare time on their own. As an students on a Cultural Experience you are expected to show initiative, be active and make new friends to spend time with.

“Join cheesemakers in a high valley, try to call the shepherds on an alphorn, and hike through 

some of the world’s most stunning mountain scenery.”

Rick Steves