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    Sydney Junior Camp

    Enroll in Sydney Australia Winter Camp for a period of 1-3 weeks.


    Commitment to
    Child Safety and
    Well Being

    We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children
    and young people.


    Embrace Diversity

    We are committed to creating safe, and supportive intercultural learning opportunities for all students on the exchange program.

    Learn a Language

    Our programs are tailor made to suit your language needs. Speak to locals and develop your language skills.

    Cultural Exchange Experience

    Choose from a range of Cultural Exchange Programs and fulfil your dreams by enrolling in our high school study abroad program.

    Global network of friends

    Our study abroad programs are paramount where students make long lasting friendships and form wider networks.

    My daughter Meena’s  trip to France with Study Abroad gave her a once in a lifetime opportunity cultural experience in France. Our family is forever grateful.


    My daughter Arianna had a fantastic international school experience with Study Abroad Campus Education.


    I have had the best experience of my life, every moment has been like a dream.


    From the very first contact, I was reassured that Maddy would be safe during her Year in Spain and I was dealing with a professional, trustworthy organization.


    I had so much support, stayed with an awesome host family and school. It was a dream come true. The perfect program for me.


    We have been extremely satisfied with Megan’s stay in America. It was a wonderful experience with a great host family.


    White Christmas in Switzerland for 6 weeks living in the small village was amazing and had a great family and support.


    A perfect match with our family in France. A boutique organization, big enough and small enough to care.


    I had the best time abroad, great school, great host family and people in Australia were really friendly.


    Simply one of the most efficient organisations we have hosted with, they offer so much to their students and family.


    This trip has been once in a lifetime for me, coordinator Jennifer was always there for me.


    Thank you so much for everything you have done for Luisa, wonderful experiences for all her life.


    I spent White Christmas with my French family in the Alps and went skiing and my French improved.


    White Christmas in Italy was simply the best time ever.


    I honestly had the best time of my life and I can now say that Australia is my home.


    I had a thoroughly positive experience from the beginning makes you grow and change in so many ways.


    Study Abroad Campus Education organized a great High school and the Best family near the beach for me, I had the best time ever.


    Sydney has been crazy, challenging, and the best thing I have done.


    Study Abroad Campus Education was always there for Jessica she was well cared for by her host family and organisation while she was abroad.


    This experience has challenged me to try new things, become more independent and appreciate life.


    Australia was one of the best choices I`ve made so far! Being on exchange in Sydney NSW there is always something to do.


    I have been so lucky with my host family and they have become my second family and a part of who I am.


    20+ years

    Study Abroad Campus Education has been helping students around the globe to experience a high school cultural exchange abroad for over 2 decades now.

    12+ Countries

    We have all the major destinations covered based on our years of experience and the enquiries that float in.

    1000+ students enrolled

    We are always keen to understand the requirements of students and parents alike. Our host families are very engaging and helpful to the student’s needs.