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Registration Process steps

Complete the Registration Form

To join the program please fill out the CEA Registration form to participate on a cultural exchange. On the form choose from Australia, Austria, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland United States, United Kingdom where you wish to study or if the country is not listed check with CEA. Choose the how long you wish to come and when you wish start. Keep in mind that you will need to secure your places at least 4 – 5 months prior to your departure. Students keen to obtain a placement now and you are ready to go, there is an administration fee of Euro 50, USD$50 or AUD$50 to secure your placement. Each country has limited placements, so secure your place as soon after you have checked and confirmed this with your parents. By paying the administration fee you will demonstrate you are serious about going on the program. When we receive this, you will be one step closer to an opportunity of a lifetime. Or you can click on the Free Enquiry link below to receive more information


  • 1. I wish to secure a placement on the program and ready to go.
  • 2. I wish to book an interview with a CEA counselor for myself and my parents. Face to face, skype, email or telephone
  • Complete Registration online for option 1 and option 2 to initiate the next step to secure your Placement and Student-Parent interview. CEA will call or email you to set up an interview time face to face, by phone or skype where you will find out more about the program with a representative close to you. REGISTER NOW
  • 3. I wish to book a No Obligation free Enquiry information session with CEA to have all your questions answered face to face, via skype, email or telephone for more information FREE ENQUIRY

Student family Interview and Acceptance

  • aaaaThe interview will take about 30 – 40 minutes with yourself and a parent and this will help us get to know you and what you want to achieve while abroad. After the interview you and your family will decide if this is right decision for you and when it will be right time to go.

Student Application form process

CEA Will send you a confirmation and Acceptance contract with 7 days of the interview. Once you have been accepted on the program, you will be asked to complete your online CEA Enrolment Application that has now been sent to you and we ask it be returned to CEA completed within 14 days.

Student Acceptance

CEA evaluates the application form taking into consideration:
The student’s needs, requirements and goals for the program.the student’s academic profile, previous academic performance, English, French, Germany,  Italian or Spanish level. The students personal maturity, recommendation letter and interview process.
Once you decide this is right for you will be advised in writing that your placement has been successful. CEA will send you further details regarding host family and schools. Together with our  partner organisation in each country we work  diligently in securing a great match and compatible family for you, our goal is happy student, happy family, happy parents.

The completed Application form is sent to CEA together with:

Last 2 years of your school transcripts/grades.

Scanned copy of your Passport or birth certificate.

Proof of your language level any any certificates you have for English, French, German, Italian or Spanish depending on the country of choice and destination

Recommendation by school by your Student Counselor, or Language Teacher.

Student preparation prior to participating on the program

Host family On the study abroad cultural experience to Australia, Austria, Chile, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and United State we as a team work effortlessly to ensure you are matched with a great family you feel is a good match, compatible and similar to you and happy with your choice.

While you are abroad On arrival you will be met by your host family or CEA local student representative at the airport. You be welcomed with open arms and hearts. Our student representative is always available 24/7 is caring and has also hosted students themselves and there to support you. They also have children of their own and they are there to help you during your stay abroad. So rest assured you will be cared for as if you were our own teenager.

Returning home This is always a little tricky,  you are keen to come home but you would love to stay. There is mix feelings and you will be experiencing reverse culture shock. We will invite all returnees to gather together and I am sure you may like to share your experiences as well. For all students interested in becoming the  best  Ambassador for your your self and representing your country and keen  to go on a cultural experience with Study Abroad Campus Education it time to  APPLY NOW