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Hi everyone

– my name is Sofie and I am from Denmark. I’ve been living in Sydney Australia for the past 5/6 months and it has been one of the best experiences of my life! Leaving home can be really difficult but as soon as I landed and met my host family I felt safe. I have been so lucky with my host family and they have become my second family and a part of who I am. I have got a unique bond with both my host siblings and my host parents. They were very keen to show me Sydney and include me in their daily lives. It is very important to engage in the family life because that is what at the end is making you a part of their family.

I started at a very nice school and there were other exchange students just like me having their first day! Everyone was really open to get to know me and I quickly found a group of friends who I know will last for a long time. I love knowing that I have friends from all over the world who can give me so many different things. My Area representative Jennifer has always been there if I needed help with something and has arranged nights out for us exchange students to share experiences and advice. It has been nice to have someone there even though you may not need their help in your daily Australian life. I have gotten a new perspective on things and learnt to respect, accept and tolerate people’s differences.
I would say to anyone, if you considering going on exchange, just to do it ! If I could stay longer I wouldn’t give it another thought because I have experienced so much by just being here 5/6 months.
It has been an experience of a lifetime. You get to know so much about yourself and the world around you. I feel so grateful for my parents at home that they gave me the chance to experience the world outside my hometown and if you have the chance I would say to do it! The only thing I regret is not staying for longer but I have so many amazing memories that I will never forget.