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Tommaso – Italy “ My experience in Australia”

I’m Tommaso, a high school student from Italy, and I decided to come for six months over to Australia, in order to have a completely new experience and discover another culture as well as another country.

I came to Australia in July , and attended the High School. As school is the environment in which I was going to spend most of time and where I could find most of my new friends, I was quite worried the first day. But as I walked in, I realized that the people were really friendly and there was nothing to be afraid of. The teenagers in Australia are enjoyable people that are happy to share their cultural heritage and discover a new one. Initially it was difficult to remember all the names of the students that were introducing themselves, but after a while I learnt most of them, and the Aussies were always keen to repeat their names even after months.

My family was also very nice: I stayed with a family and I had two younger brothers, and it was a good chance to see how the families interact in other parts of the world. My room was comfortable. I got use to my host family very quickly and felt part of the family. One of the things that worried me the most was the Australian accent, because I had heard terrible stories about it. But as soon as I got off of the plane and spoke with an Australian, I realized that it was actually more understandable than British English.

The Land Down Under is a lovely place: it has a wonderful weather, astonishing views, it’s safe, clean, and enjoyable.
My experience in Australia was altogether one of the best ones I ever had, the people I met here, the things I did, and a completely new environment changed me deeply. It was definitely worth it!

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