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Hi I’m Grace
I went to ITALY on the 6 week White Xmas cultural exchange program with Study Abroad Campus Education and it was the best….

This 6 weeks of my life was so incredibly amazing that I can’t believe its over! I chose to go to Italy and was placed in Turin. My host family I stayed with were just perfect and traditional Italian family. I had a host sister 14 and host brother 16 and they were fabulous and we had lots of fun and I fit in perfectly and was a great match. My family were so kind and caring to me and understood me as if I was their own daughter.

I went to school for 3 weeks of my stay, this was a cool experience as their schooling systems are very different to mine in Australia. Everyone was very welcoming and were all funny. The best part about going to an Italian school was that there day finished at 1pm :-} So that meant we went home for lunch mmm! Also, that on the last day of school we ate Pandoro (A famous Italian cake) in class even more delicious.

Italian Culture is very different to mine in Australia. So, if you’re looking for a place to diverse yourself in – Italy is 100% the place to do it! This was also my favourite part about my exchange here, that it was so different and I had to adapt myself to a new lifestyle :))

Some of the examples of our cultural differences are,
-They wake up super late and go to sleep super late Zzz
-Portion sizes are a lot bigger (There are more meals in one sitting)
-Times, they ate their meals (We would eat dinner at 8pm as a normal time every night)

They speak very very fast, so I didn’t understand much when it was a group conversation but it sure did help me with how fast my brain can process information now ha-ha!
These a few of the culture differences which ended being my favourite part about this experience.

If you are considering doing this 6 week cultural change I would more than recommend it as it has opened my view to how different the whole world truly is, and also how eager I am to see the rest of Italy! I wish I could re live those 6 weeks repeatedly. The family even took me skiing for a week and had the best time ever! Thank you to

‘L’Italia é davvero la migliore!!!’
Ps I had too say ‘sono pieno’ (I’m full) a lot…
Grazie a mille

Grace 🙂