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Amelia FRANCE White Xmas Cultural Exchange

At the end of last year, I traveled all the way to France on student exchange to the city La Rochelle, this 6-week trip was one of the best experiences of my life, I made so many new and amazing friends and memories that I will cherish forever and I would encourage anyone to go.

My host family were very kind and welcoming and I couldn’t of asked for a better host family. One of the biggest highlights of my trip was going to school, even though the first day was scary it was worth it because I made so many new friends and experiences, even though it was hard sometimes my French got better over time.  This trip has made me become more independent, mature, responsible and overall has help with my confidence in meeting new people.

Exploring the city was so much fun, at first I was very unfamiliar with La Rochelle but after time it became my new home. Over time I got very close with my host family and it was very hard to say goodbye especially my host sister who went to school with and spent the most time with.

I would definitely suggest anyone to do this program because being on exchange is much more different and beneficial then going on a holiday because you get immersed in the culture and language and overall is an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity.