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Get the Overseas Experience of a Lifetime by Studying Abroad with Campus Education Australia

In your dreams you travel the world, scaling mountains and city steps with equal ease and basking in cultures ancient and exciting. You crave adventure; you thrive on change; and you’re forever peeking around the next corner, wondering where the road will lead.

Campus Education Australia applauds your enthusiasm and we proudly offer you exceptionally unique ways to turn these dreams into realities with our cultural exchange programmes. We can connect you to eye-opening new overseas experiences. We help you discover the world, delivering exclusive study opportunities in Europe. Immerse yourself in German, Italian, French, Swiss, or Spanish cultures!

These immersions demand more than a backpack and a dream. You must properly prepare for the trip by allowing yourself (at least) six months to ready both yourself and your family.


Step One: Chat with Your Parents

No cultural exchange is possible without the support – and permission – of your parents. Discuss this opportunity with them, citing the many benefits of a study abroad programme (including language learning, educational experiences, and enhanced university transcripts). Connect them to the Campus Education Australia team so we can address every question or concern.

Step Two: Learn the Language

Unfamiliar lands are exotic but an inability to communicate can turn them into frustrations. We recommend studying your chosen country’s language. Participate in online classes, seek tutoring at school, and watch films to gain insights into pronunciation and enunciation. This will spare you a few challenges during your travels.

Step Three: Study the Country

The world is vast beyond your front door! Before arriving in another country, take time to understand its history, its cultural diversity, and its traditions. This will allow you to better assimilate and ease the burden of trying to get familiar with social nuances on the spot.

Step Four: Study Your Own Country

As a guest in Europe, you’ll be exposed to a dynamic collection of heritages and attractions – and your host family will wish to learn more about the ones you left behind! We recommend brushing up on your trivia before setting foot on foreign soil to ensure that you can easily answer every question about your homeland.

Step Five: Organise Your Visa

Travelling requires more than a plane ticket. A visa will be your ticket to adventure. Allow us to organise all of your paperwork, ensuring that you receive the necessary documentation to enter Europe. This eliminates the traditional stresses associated with the Department of Immigration and lets you focus instead on your studies.

Step Six: Choose Your Host Family

Campus Education Australia boasts a diverse network of host families, each eager to accept students into their homes and introduce them to new experiences. We understand, however, that these experiences can and should be different for each teen. This is why we allow you to choose your family, connecting you to individuals who reflect your personality and your expectations.

Before selecting a host, allow us to provide you with Skype sessions. You can easily familiarise yourself with those who will offer you a home away from home.

You seek a change of pace and exposure to a new culture. We’ll offer you both. What are you waiting for? Live the dream today and contact Campus Education Australia to learn more about our European programmes.