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Going on exchange has always been a dream of mine and Study Aboard Campus made my dream a reality.

My major concern about going on exchange was not knowing enough about the language or culture. But the truth is, you never will until you go. Once you arrive, you realise how much you are capable of. If you do not know how to communicate what you want to say, you manage to find a way. Sometimes it’s a fun game of charades. But as you spend more time, immersed in the language, you become more relaxed and comfortable speaking the language. You will make mistakes but nobody cares. You are not expected to be perfect. Your host family and friends are there to help and correct you.

From my personal experience, I noticed the most changed when I switched my phone off. I was forced to notice what was going around me and not get distracted by what was going on back home.

This was a trip of a life time and I didn’t want to miss a second because I was worried what was happening on social media. I spent my free time instead taking walks throug h the vineyards (which are breathtaking), helping my host mother in the kitchen and learning about the French Culture (which is completely different to Australia).

I learnt the ‘french ways’ and what is appropriate and what is not. I tasted bizarre French foods ( I do not recommend snail). Visited castles, many historical monuments and of course lots and lots of shopping. And overall learnt so much not only about France but myself.

I will never forget this trip and it has differently helped shaped the person I am becoming. I want to say a big Thank you to Study Abroad Campus Education who made this trip possible as well as my amazing host families!