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Hello, I am Maddy and I am just completing a great year abroad in Valencia Spain with Study Abroad Campus Education.

I wanted to spend a year abroad because I always went on vacations to other countries and I wanted to know what it would be like to actually live in a different country and completely emerge myself and learn about a different culture, and get outside of my bubble.

At first when I came to Spain I was extremely homesick, school was difficult in a different language, especially presenting, and being in a whole new country was very intimidating, but once I got over it all, it was all worth it because I experienced a new culture with new holidays like in Valencia we celebrated “Fallas”.

I experienced a new family with a younger brother and sister, experienced beautiful new food as my host mother is a fabulous cook and I love her cooking. I learned how to use the metro and bus, I also travel to many new places in Europe and in Spain. With my school, we had a trip to Switzerland, France, Germany, and Italy. With the organisation, we had the opportunity to go to Barcelona and Sevilla with the program which was great. I was lucky to go on holidays to Andalucía with my host family and this was the best.

I also started surfing and it is my new favorite hobby!! I’m learning new things EVERYDAY. Overall, I learned so much, it has been so much fun I have received great support from Study Abroad Campus Education before and while I was in Spain and hopefully I can do another exchange in college.