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Dreaming of seeing the world? Campus Education can help get you there. Our cultural programs enables students to:

ITALIAN high school or Italian langauge school cultural exchange 4 – 12 week programs

ITALIAN high school or Italian language school cultural exchange. Live as a true local Italian teenager exchanging lots of cultural differences with your new friends and family. Meet new longlife friends.

Cultural exchange in Italy. Experience fine arts, music, design, modern style trends, culinary inspiration, archaeology, to ancient history. Come and experience and see this for yourself learn about Italian have full immersion in language and culture in Italia!

White Christmas 6 week Immersion: High school cultural exchange in Italy, experience Italian Christmas festive season, attend a local high school and live with a local Italian family and improve your speaking skills.

CIAO Italy Study Tour for 3 weeks with a group departs in School vacation April and September. CIAO Italy educational 3 week study tour

Life in Italy: School year starts in September and school day is from 8-2pm daily and sometimes on Saturday. You will either attend a Lyceum (scientific, classical, linguistic, or artistic) School is less casual in comparison to Australian schools. Students are expected to be respectful to teachers to such a point that behaviour is evaluated along with academic performance.

Sports & Activities: Italians love their sports, it is a big part of their life, basketball, Soccer, football, volleyball, car racing, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis, skiing, snowboarding.

Host Family Choose your host family on this program. All families are interviewed in their home and of the highest quality and keen to have you stay. All families are security screened prior to student placement. Your Italian host family will introduce you to local customs, care for you, support and guide you in an unfamiliar environment. Your host family will be a home away from home and you will develop relationships that you will endure long after you’ve finished your high school study abroad program.

Leisure time, Sightseeing & Weekends, sports, weekends, leisure time and fun  Italy is truly an open-air museum and you’ll make the most out of this experience. Italy is fabulous and lots to see and do. Visit Museums, Palaces, shopping, sports, soccer, rugby, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, hiking. As well as eat lots and lots of Gelato.

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