Dreaming of seeing the world? Campus Education can help get you there. Our cultural programs enables students to:

  • »  fully immerse yourself in another culture;
  • »  gain independence and confidence;
  • »  and make friends around the world to form networks for life.
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    La Dolce Vita Italia -Five more reasons to live in Italy, an open-air museum!

    A high school experience in ITALY with CEA !

    Studying abroad adventure in a local Italian high school on a cultural exchange while living with family. Italian program will give you a chance to live and study and experience living as true local Italian teenager exchanging lots of cultural differences with your new friends and family. Meet new longlife friends, see all the famous sights of Italy, museums, libraries, castles and palaces all in the centre of Town. Be sure to book early to take advantage of CEA’s Free Italian lessons at a quality Italian school in Australia to brush up on your Italian before you go. Ask CEA for more details – Ciao !!

  • Study abroad in Italy you learn why the world looks to Italy for fine arts, music, design, modern style trends and culinary inspiration. From global issues, to archaeology, to ancient history, the curriculum at CEA Italy helps students understand today’s world through the lens of its past. Come and experience and see this for yourself learn about Italian have full immersion in language and culture between visits to the Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi and the Pont Benvenuti in Italia!

  • Exploring the Italian countryside during a school field trip. Meeting up with friends after a day of classes to share real pizza Margherita and gelato. Sipping your cappuccino, mocaccino or latte in the best coffee-shops of the world! Practicing your Italian conversation while cheering on the local soccer team during an exciting match.

  • Buon Natale in Italia” Come on our Christmas program in ITALY with CEA on 6 week program departing December and returns January during your summer vacation. It’s a great time to experience WHITE Christmas. Enjoy all the Italian delights of pizza just out of the wood fire oven, spaghetti bolognese, focaccia from the bakery, home made minestrone soup and time together with the family. This a popular program best to book early so you can also receive FREE Italian lessons before you go. . Departure for longer programs to ITALY during the year are also available.
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    SCHOOL LIFE IN ITALY School year starts in September, first half of the month and finishes by mid-June. It normally is from 8-2pm daily and sometimes on Saturday. You will either attend a Lyceum (scientific, classical, linguistic, or artistic) or a Training school (pedagogical, technical or vocational). School is less casual in comparison to Australian schools. Students are expected to be respectful to teachers to such a point that behaviour is evaluated along with academic performance.

  • Ciao, Italy is the best. I love eating as much gelato as I wish, the great fashion and meeting up with friends after school and sharing a pizza and macchiato mmm …“Amber – Australia

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    SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES Italians love their sports, it is a big part of their life, basketball, Soccer, football, volleyball, car racing, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, even surfing! It’s the home of luxurious sports cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and the more modest Fiat.

  • HOST FAMILY LIFE is very important in the Italian culture so get ready to share family life with your host family including Sunday’s lunches with “nonni” and relatives.

  • HOST FAMILIES You may choose the family as all the families are personally interviewed and of the highest quality and keen to have you stay. All families are security screened prior to student placement. Your Italian host family will introduce you to local customs, care for you, support and guide you in an unfamiliar environment. Italian host families are as diverse as our high school students. You will also have fun learning to bring home the secrets of home made pasta. Secret Pizza recipes, gelato and just being part of the family. Your host family will be a home away from home and you will develop relationships that you will endure long after you’ve finished your high school study abroad program.


    SIGHTSEEING, sports, weekends, leisure time and fun On your adventure with your High School experience in Italy you will have the opportunity to visit several unique historical locations, art cities, beautiful landscapes within short distance. They are all very close by with a short train trip. Visit the lakes, seaside quaint little villages, mountains and much more. What more can you have, its all here and so close. Italy is truly an open-air museum and you’ll make the most out of this experience. Italy is fabulous and lots to see and do. Even jump on train for the day and visit all the great sights you have read about in ancient history and art. As well as eat lots and lots of Gelato.


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