School Vacation High school Cultural Study tours to Chile, France, Italy, Germany, Spain. Next study tours to FRANCE and ITALY departing 19 & 26 September 2019 during school holidays for students 15-18 years. Improve your French or Italian speaking skills and join our fabulous cultural exchange study tour.

Attend a local Italian, Chile. French, German, Spanish school and make lifelong friends. This will also help you advance in your language class and achieve higher grades. Speak together with your parents and your LANGUAGE Teacher today and let them know about the Tour so they can also share this with the Language classes at school. We have Limited places. If you are interested in joining the "CIAO Italy " or "BONJOUR France". Limited places Register today for the study tour departing 19 & 26 September 2019 come with a friend - Deadline is 30 April 2019.

Grace ITALY White Xmas Cultural Exchange

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Hi I’m Grace I went to ITALY on the 6 week White Xmas cultural exchange program with Study Abroad Campus Education and it was the best…. This 6 weeks of my life was so incredibly amazing that I can’t believe its over! I chose to go to Italy and was placed in Turin. My host family I stayed with were just perfect and traditional Italian family. I had a host sister 14 and host brother 16 and they were fabulous and we had lots of fun and I fit in perfectly and was a great match. My family were so...Read More

Amelia FRANCE White Xmas Cultural Exchange

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At the end of last year, I traveled all the way to France on student exchange to the city La Rochelle, this 6-week trip was one of the best experiences of my life, I made so many new and amazing friends and memories that I will cherish forever and I would encourage anyone to go. split My host family were very kind and welcoming and I couldn’t of asked for a better host family. One of the biggest highlights of my trip was going to school, even though the first day was scary it was worth it because I made...Read More

Cultural Exchange in Switzerland – Maeve from Australia

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Hi my name is Maeve and I went on CEA White Christmas cultural exchange to Switzerland for 6 weeks living in the town of Therwil, just outside the city of Basel in northern Switzerland. I first heard about going on cultural exchange when a friend of mine had told me about the cultural exchange program and how it is a great experience for young people like me. Campus Education Australia came to my school and told us about the White Christmas cultural exchange to a range of countries in Europe for 4-8 weeks over the school holidays. I was very...Read More

Claire USA – When I first got off the plane, it was already so much more than I expected

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When the idea of studying abroad was first brought into my mind, it had to be when I was no older than six or seven; and it had never fully faded from my future plans. I always knew that going abroad was something that I wanted to do, and when I was finally given the chance by Campus Education Australia (CEA) I was more ecstatic than I ever had been about the idea. Of course, in the months and weeks leading up to my departure, I was nervous. I couldn’t imagine being away from my own home, let alone my...Read More

Arianna – Italia Non voglio più tornare a casa!”

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“Non voglio più tornare a casa!” è la prima cosa che dirai appena ti accorgerai di star terminando la tua exchange experience. È la verità, è quello che senti, perché il posto dove hai passato mesi della tua vita, dove hai stretto nuove amicizie, dove hai imparato cose nuove e dove sei cresciuto diventa un po' la tua casa. Dopo quest'esperienza la tua casa non è più il tuo Paese d'origine. Il mondo diventa la tua casa. Hai viaggiato fin dall'altra parte del mondo, da solo, e sei riuscito a cavartela, da solo. Finchè non hai trovato delle persone che...Read More

Get the Overseas Experience of a Lifetime by Studying Abroad with Campus Education Australia

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In your dreams you travel the world, scaling mountains and city steps with equal ease and basking in cultures ancient and exciting. You crave adventure; you thrive on change; and you’re forever peeking around the next corner, wondering where the road will lead. Campus Education Australia applauds your enthusiasm and we proudly offer you exceptionally unique ways to turn these dreams into realities with our cultural exchange programmes. We can connect you to eye-opening new overseas experiences. We help you discover the world, delivering exclusive study opportunities in Europe. Immerse yourself in German, Italian, French, Swiss, or Spanish cultures! These...Read More

surfing australia

Discover Adventure and Excitement in Sydney with Campus Education Australia

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It’s a wide and wonderful world - and you are ready to experience it, scouring maps for distant locales and tracing kilometre lines from border to border. Your research eventually leads you to the golden shores of Sydney where you hope you’ll find your next adventure. Let Campus Education Australia help you properly plan that adventure. As the nation’s premier cultural exchange programme, we help European students discover what waits beyond their door by offering access to world-class attractions, amenities, and excitement. The Sydney Experience Tucked along the corner of New South Wales is Sydney, a city of enticing contradictions....Read More

Do you study Italian in high school? Italian study tours available in School holidays April, September and January – Improve Your Italian speaking skills

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CIAO Lets TRAVEL to ITALY during the school holidays for students 14-18 years. Improve your Italian speaking skills, visit Rome, Turin, Venice and Milan on our fabulous cultural exchange study tour. Attend a local Italian high school and make life long friends. Speak with your parents and your Italian Teacher today and let them know about the Tour so they can also share this with the Italian classes at school. We have Limited places. Register Today  Open to all students and high schools studying Italian in Years 8, 9,10,11)

What happened when I arrived as a high school-International student in Australia on my cultural exchange experience ?

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I arrived here in Sydney almost five months ago. And I can’t believe that the time passed so quickly. Before my departure back in Austria, I was, to be honest, a bit worried about my cultural exchange experience: Is the host-family gonna be okay, how is school gonna be… But when I was sitting in the plane to Australia I realized that it’s too late to go back now anyway and so I thought, I’ll just have a look how it is and make the best of it. In fact it turned out to be really good, and now, only...Read More

FRANCE on a high school cultural exchange was simple the best experience, especially with my younger host sister and brother

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When I left home, I crammed my French lessons so I would be able to communicate with my new host family and at least feel that I would be able to exchange friendships with new friends and practise my French. Well life here, when I arrived was very different, everyone welcomed me at home and school as I was Australian and they really made me feel special and part of the school immediately. It was difficult to really understand everyone as they spoke so fast and smooth and I just had to listen very carefully and gradually I go use...Read More

Is it really as good as they say when you go on an exchange abroad?

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Going to Australia was one of the best decisions of my life. I really enjoyed my time Down under and wouldn’t have changed anything about it. I’ve made lots of new friends and had the best host family I could think of. I arrived end of January in Sydney. It was summer around this time and therefore really warm. To be honest I was a little worried as I had just been on exchange in England and it was not great, so I left early to return home and came on this program and I booked into a girls private...Read More