Student Testimonials

  • Grace ITALY White Xmas Cultural Exchange

    Hi I’m Grace
    I went to ITALY on the 6 week White Xmas cultural exchange program with Study Abroad Campus Education and it was the best…. This 6 weeks of my life was so incredibly amazing that I can’t believe its over! I chose to go to Italy and was placed in Turin. My host family I stayed with were just perfect and traditional Italian family. I had a host sister 14 and host brother 16 and they were fabulous and we had lots of fun and I fit in perfectly and was a great match. My family were so kind and caring to me and understood me as if I was their own daughter. Read More..

  • Amelia FRANCE White Xmas Cultural Exchange

    At the end of last year, I traveled all the way to France on student exchange to the city La Rochelle, this 6-week trip was one of the best experiences of my life, I made so many new and amazing friends and memories that I will cherish forever and I would encourage anyone to go. Read More..

  • Cultural Exchange in Switzerland - Maeve from Australia

    Hi my name is Maeve and I went on CEA White Christmas cultural exchange to Switzerland for 6 weeks living in the town of Therwil, just outside the city of Basel in northern Switzerland. I first heard about going on cultural exchange when a friend of mine had told me about the cultural exchange program and how it is a great experience for young people like me. Campus Education Australia came to my school and told us about the White Christmas cultural exchange to a range of countries in Europe for 4-8 weeks over the school holidays. I was very enthusiastic about this exchange as I was desperate to see more of the world and especially Europe. My parents agreed to let me go on exchange as they were very keen about me getting this experience. Read More..

  • Hello, I’m Victoria from Canada!

    As soon as I started living in Australia for 5 months and it has been the best time of my life! I am so grateful for the personal and educational growth this experience has given me. This experience has challenged me to try new things, become more independent and appreciate life for all it has to offer! I have met a number of people I never would have met in my whole life. I have created amazing friendships with the friends I met here, in Australia. They are amazing and include me in everything they do. Before my departure to Australia, I was so nervous that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations but it has exceeded my expectations. I fit in so well with my host family and I made friends so easily. It was such an easy transition! I fell in love with the “Aussie life-style” from my first couple of weeks here. My host family is truly amazing! They have made me feel like I am actually part of their family and not just a stranger living in their home for 5 months. They have shown me around Sydney, taken me up the coast to Nelson Bay and out west to the Blue Mountains. I have bonded very well with my host siblings and I consider them my own siblings. We do so much together and we are very invested in each other’s lives. I go to some of my host brothers’ soccer games and they come to mine or I go to my host sister’s singing concerts and show my support for them. I even consider myself very close with my host mom and dad. They are always there if I need someone to talk to and are always there to give me support and encouragement. Going to the local high school was really great! It is only a 10 minute walk from my house and the staff and students are very nice and welcoming to the International Students. School had many international students and has a very organized and successful International Student Program. They are very accommodating to different learning strengths and the language barriers some of the International Student have. canada-victoria-jonasson_2 Living in the Frenchs Forest, NSW has been amazing! You are in a suburban family neighbourhood but only a bus trip away from the beach, shopping, and restaurants. It is very easy to get around by yourself to do things with friends. During my time studying abroad, I have made amazing friendships with so many people, friendships that will last for the rest of my life. The memories I have made here will stay with me forever and I would never change my choice on doing this exchange. It has been such a lovely experience to feel so at home in a country that is half way around the world from my family, friends and my home. Thanks CEA for making my experience so easy and amazing! Victoria……Read More..

  • Mathis from France Thanks CEA for making it possible………

    Hello everyone,

    I'm Mathis and I am from France and I am 17 years old. I left my school at the half of the equivalent of year 12 in France to come to Sydney Australia on the Sydney program. We enrolled very late, but CEA helped secure me a place in a high school and I started immediately in March. I was not sure if I wanted to come to English college or High school. We decided high school was better so I can immediately practice my English with my fabulous Australian host family as well as high school so I can practice my English ever day with teenagers of similar age. It was my aim that I wanted to improve my English in the sight of my future studies which require a high level in English. Read More..

  • Katharina

    My name is Katharina a 15 year old student and I decided to come over to Australia for six months. I was very worried before I arrived over here but also my main goal was to have a great time and experience a completely new lifestyle and Culture. I was scared and nervous to leave all my friends and family over at Switzerland. After I arrived here I was really excited and also looking forward to my amazing time over here. I settled up for a few days and school was coming up. I attended the local High School. I was really terrified since I didn't know if I would make any friends but it was the total opposite. I made lots of great friends that I seriously just want to take home with me. There isn't really anything to be scared of since the people over here are super nice and also they really do care about you. I had a amazing, kind and caring Host family also I had a little sister which is 10 years of age. I am an only child so it was a really new experience for me. I would really recommend exchange years or months to other people since you can learn about the other Cultures, meet new people and just have a new experience for your life. Read More..

  • Giulia – Italy

    Mi chiamo Giulia, ho 16 anni e vengo da Torino, Italia. Fin da subito tutti i componenti della famiglia sono stati gentili e disponibili con me, mi hanno fatto sentire a casa. Sono stata molto seguita in tutto il mio percorso. Prima di atterrare ho potuto fare alcune chiamate skype con la mia famiglia per conoscerci. La mia famiglia é composta da mia madre Jenny, mio padre Mark e i figli di Jenny, Aidan and Charlotte. Mi sto trovando molto bene con loro perché sono molto simpatici e disponibile e sempre pronti a darmi una mano, che sia anche solo un passaggio. Ho la mia camera con il bagno adiacente e tutti i confort di cui necessito. É molto bello passare del tempo con loro, scherziamo e parliamo normalmente il pomeriggio e durante la cena. Ogni tanto usciamo a cena e qualche giorno fa siamo andati alla serata di trivia al club di canottaggio della famiglia. Read More..

  • Vasco on the Sydney Australia Program – Best choice of my Life

    Hi Guys my name is Vasco and I`ve stayed in Sydney for half a year and I absolutely loved it! Leaving Switzerland and my normal live behind me to start a new one in Australia was one of the best choices I`ve made so far! Being on exchange in Sydney was heaps of fun, there was always something to do and it never got bored. As well as improving your language skills, widening your boundaries and experiencing a completely new culture. I can clearly say now that Australia is my home such as Switzerland. At the beginning I was so nervous about starting in a new school where I didn’t know anyone and living with completely strangers on the other side of the world. But as soon as I arrived I really liked my host family, they were so nice and welcoming and I quickly felt part of the family. I had an amazing time with them including learning how to surf or water-ski or just simple things such as trying to eat vegemite (which tastes absolutely gross) but which is part of the Australian culture. Furthermore my two older host brothers Ben and Nick took me to the beach or on boat trips up the river which were heaps of fun! Read More..

  • Céline und komme aus der Schweiz
    Die beste Zeit meines Lebens hier in Sydney, Australie

    Ich heisse Céline und komme aus der Schweiz Ich durchlebe im Moment wortwörtlich „the time of my life“ hier in Sydney. Leider nur für sechs Monate – wie schnell die Zeit umgeht! Aber ich kann sagen, dass ich die grösste Erfahrung meines Lebens gemacht habe. Es ist so toll zu wissen, dass ich eine zweite Familie am anderen Ende der Welt habe, so viele Aussie (Australische) Freunde und ein zweites zu Hause in der schönsten Stadt (Ich sag das nicht einfach so! City, beaches, Australian lifestyle, Hafen, food, Eukalyptusbäume, Kakadus (eine Art von Papageien, die man die ganze Zeit sieht) etc kombiniert an einem Ort!) auf der Welt, Sydney. Read More..

  • Arianna - Italia Non voglio più tornare a casa!”

    “Non voglio più tornare a casa!” è la prima cosa che dirai appena ti accorgerai di star terminando la tua exchange experience. È la verità, è quello che senti, perché il posto dove hai passato mesi della tua vita, dove hai stretto nuove amicizie, dove hai imparato cose nuove e dove sei cresciuto diventa un po' la tua casa. Dopo quest'esperienza la tua casa non è più il tuo Paese d'origine. Il mondo diventa la tua casa. Hai viaggiato fin dall'altra parte del mondo, da solo, e sei riuscito a cavartela, da solo. Finchè non hai trovato delle persone che ti hanno notato e hanno detto “Ehi, quella ragazza è arrivata dall'altra parte del mondo! Sentiamo un po' cos'ha da raccontare!” e hai iniziato a vivere una nuova vita, insieme. Read More..

  • Claire USA - When I first got off the plane, it was already so much more than I expected

    When the idea of studying abroad was first brought into my mind, it had to be when I was no older than six or seven; and it had never fully faded from my future plans. I always knew that going abroad was something that I wanted to do, and when I was finally given the chance by Campus Education Australia (CEA) I was more ecstatic than I ever had been about the idea. Of course, in the months and weeks leading up to my departure, I was nervous. I couldn’t imagine being away from my own home, let alone my family and friends. Luckily, CEA allows for their students to choose their host families, as well as their schools. But, even with this option, I still wasn’t sure how I would adjust to living in my new host family, or if I was going to be able to find friends at school, or if I would find something to do on the weekends. Read More..

  • Sofie Denmark

    Hi everyone

    – my name is Sofie and I am from Denmark. I’ve been living in Sydney Australia for the past 5/6 months and it has been one of the best experiences of my life! Leaving home can be really difficult but as soon as I landed and met my host family I felt safe. I have been so lucky with my host family and they have become my second family and a part of who I am. I have got a unique bond with both my host siblings and my host parents. They were very keen to show me Sydney and include me in their daily lives. It is very important to engage in the family life because that is what at the end is making you a part of their family. Read More..

  • Tommaso - Italy “ My experience in Australia”

    I’m Tommaso, a high school student from Italy, and I decided to come for six months over to Australia, in order to have a completely new experience and discover another culture as well as another country. I came to Australia in July , and attended the High School. As school is the environment in which I was going to spend most of time and where I could find most of my new friends, I was quite worried the first day. But as I walked in, I realized that the people were really friendly and there was nothing to be afraid of. The teenagers in Australia are enjoyable people that are happy to share their cultural heritage and discover a new one. Initially it was difficult to remember all the names of the students that were introducing themselves, but after a while I learnt most of them, and the Aussies were always keen to repeat their names even after months. Read More..

      • Stina from Sweden – down under for a year !!! – The best year of my life

        Hey everyone!

      • stinaI’m Stina and right now I have been living in Sydney for almost a year – and I’m absolutely loving it! Leaving Sweden for Australia for a year is probably the best choice I have ever done and I haven’t for a moment regretted it. I’ve honestly had the time of my life and I can now say that Australia is my home as much as Sweden is. As well as heaps of fun you learn and get so much out of being on exchange, like responsibility, independence , learning how to overcome fears, a much wider view of the world, improved language skills, how to handle new and sometimes hard situations, a deeper understanding for the culture and lifestyle of your host country, newfound friends from all across the world and so much more. Read More..

Leonardo – Italy – La migliore esperienza della mia vita!

Salve! Il mio nome è Leonardo , e sono appena tornato da Sydney, dove ho soggiornato con il programma di Campus Education Australia “CEA”. Ho avuto la possibilità di visitare tutta Sydney dove mi sono sentito esattamente come un australiano, quando sono andato a scuola, per esempio, o quando ho fatto shopping e ho imparato a vivere e fare tutto da solo, per la prima volta. Infatti Sydney è una città molto sicura e che ha permesso una completa indipendenza per me, soprattutto nelle attività turistiche e mi sono sentito come a casa. Sono stato anche a un campo scuola con la mia classe scolastica! E` stato tanto emozionante poiche` ho dormito in una tenda con i miei compagni e ho fatto un sacco di attivita` e di escursioni! Il liceo è stato fantastico! Il personale ha fatto di tutto per farmi sentire a mio agio, e superare tutte le mie ansie senza problemi. Sia gli insegnanti che gli studenti erano persone estremamente cordiali, simpatiche, solari, molto accoglienti, e soprattutto sempre entusiasti di conoscere culture straniere. Il sistema scolastico australiano è ovviamente così diverso, rispetto a quello italiano! Inoltre, la scuola mi ha aiutato molto con il vocabolario, oltre alle competenze linguistiche generali.

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    • Anna – Austria

    • stina
      Hi, my name is Anna and I have been living in Sydney for about 5 months.
      I’ve had a thoroughly positive experience from the beginning and can’t stress enough how much living abroad makes you grow and change in so many ways.Not only have I improved my English skills, but I’ve also formed great friendships and experienced so many great things in Australia. Not even once have I regretted leaving Austria with nothing but a suitcase to come to this wonderful country.

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    • NORA from Denmark

    • stina
      I’m Nora Sanaya I am from Denmark. I’ve been in Sydney on a High school study abroad cultural experience for 15 months and I have had the best experience of my life, every moment have been like a dream. I came mainly for music and to learn the English language, understand and try to live in the Australian culture and just to get an amazing adventure and experience. I’ve been so lucky to stay with the loveliest host-family in Sydney who has been so warm and welcoming since day one. They have been so good to help me with everything and they’ve been there every time I have needed them, just like a real family. They have taken me on holidays to different parts of Australia and showed me how the Australian culture works. They have also taught me how to speak true Aussie slang ;)) I have an amazing relationship to them and I feel like I am a part of their family. They are now a huge part of my life, and they will always be.

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LAURA “My Study Abroad cultural exchange experience Downunder on the “Sydney Program” Australia was the BEST !

    • lura

      I am going to share with you the story of my best time of my life!
      My name is Laura, I am 17 years old and am living in Manly close to Sydney, the best place one can imagine. Well living, this was my home during the last five months, better the best five months in my life! my dream was always to go on a cultural exchange experience in Australia.
      Finally my dream came true; I will never regret leaving my family and friends behind to start a second life.
      I am an only child and my wish was to experience how it is having siblings. And guess what? I got to have four host sisters!
      (I on the far Right in the above picture and on the left below)

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    • lilith


      Lilith – Germany

      Going to Australia for 5 months was one of the best decisions of my life.
      I really enjoyed my time Down under and wouldn’t have changed anything about it. I’ve made lots of new friends and had the best host family I could think of.
      I arrived end of January in Sydney. It was summer around this time and therefore really warm. One day after I arrived Nora 14 from Den arrived. She stayed in the same family with me. We both went to different private schools and it worked really well.
      Our host family was very welcoming from the very first moment and we felt part of the family really soon. They showed us around, helped us settle in and did lots of fun things with us. Me Nora, Taylah, Me Nora, Cassandra my Host mum and me

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  • 11

    The best time of my life in beautiful Sydney, Australia

    My name is Céline and I come from Switzerland.

    I’m literally having the time of my life here in Sydney. Unfortunately only for six months – time goes so so fast by! I can say that I’m having the biggest experience I ever made. It is so great to know that I have a second family on the other side of world now, so many Aussie friends and a second home in the most beautiful city (I’m not jut saying that! City, beaches, Australian lifestyle, harbour, food, all the Eucalyptus trees, Cookatoos – a kind of parrot you find everywhere all in the at one place on earth called Sydney !!!
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  • b1

    NORAH from USA

    When I first arrived in Australia I was disoriented and jet-lagged but once I got out of the airport and met up with my host family it already started to feel like home. Upon arriving I was taken in very warmly by my host parents and three host sisters and the house I stayed in was beautiful.

    Before starting school I had a week to get to know the area and get my bearings, which helped my nerves on the first day of school. I quickly learned that there was nothing to be nervous about at all, the school, teachers, and people I met were all very interested in hearing my story and getting to know me.
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  • b4

    Phillip from Germany

    Hi my name is Phillip, I was 16 when I arrived and 17 years old when I returned home. I come from Germany. I’ve been staying in Australia for 1 year. This year was most probably the best year of my life. I’ve had so many experiences that are enriching for my whole life. I’ve had lots of freedom but also responsibilities that gave me a sense of independence and maturity. I’m not the Phillip that came to Australia one year ago anymore. This year strengthened me and gave me self-confidence. Furthermore, my English has improved a lot.
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  • emi01

    Emi from Switzerland – stayed 1 year and had the best time

    Hey this is Emi…

    The first thing I would like to say is that if you are unsure if you should come on a Cultural Experience abroad or not don’t dream it do it!

    I have lived down under now for a year now, but it feels more like a month. I remember when i was back in Switzerland, I was quite nervous to leave my family and friends. I couldn’t think of living with a completely unknown family miles away from home. But besides the unknown, I was quite excited to see a new country, new lifestyles and to have my own life somewhere else.
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  • linden_-from_canada2

    Linden – Canada My Time in Australia

    Deciding to study in Australia for 6 months ended up being one of the best choices of my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Australia and wouldn’t have changed anything about it.

    Above with my great host family, I am on the right
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  • lorenz01

    Lorenz – Germany

    Hey there, I’m Lorenz and the 6 month I lived with my host family on the Northern Beaches of Sydney where just amazing. I would absolutely recommend everyone to come to Australia with CEA.

    My family that I stayed was as nice as it gets. From the first day I stayed with them I felt very welcome and included. They took me to lots of places but of course especially to the beach. My host mum and brother are both great surfers and tried their best to teach me how to surf. Probably just the Australian beaches alone would be worthwhile coming to Australia!
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  • luisa001

    Luisa 16 years old from Switzerland

    My 6 months in Australia, Sydney with CEA 2011

    Going to Australia for 6 months was probably one of the best decisions of my life! I wanted to study abroad since I’m 12 and when the day of my departure finally came I couldn’t wait to start this adventure. When I arrived in Sydney in January it was in the middle of summer and really hot! My host family were really welcoming and nice, they showed me around and helped me settle in with school and sports and everything. There were so many new things around me that I didn’t even have time to think about home or feel homesick.
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  • 1

    Ariana – USA

    Coming to Australia has definitely been the most amazing experience of my life. I came here for an adventure and that’s exactly what I got. My host family has been absolutely amazing, I could not have asked for greater people to live with. They welcomed me into their family with open arms and I know we’ll keep in contact after I leave.
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  • Noemi 16 years old from Switzerland, July 2010 – July 2011

    I’m really, really happy that I decided to come to Australia for 1 Year. It was a hard decision and during the year sometimes really hard for me because of homesickness but my new Australian friends and my beautiful Host family helped me to forget it because there was never really time for it. I did so many things all the time with my friends that I had no time to think about it.

    At the beginning on the first day of school I was surprised how easy it was to organise school, how nice they were to me and especially how easy it was to meet new people. The Australians are really friendly and helped me to find a way into my new Australian life.
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  • Linda – Switzerland


    Hi mate!

    My name is Linda and I’m from Switzerland. Coming to Australia for six months was the best decision I’ve ever made. But on the other side it wasn’t easy to let go of my life back home.

    It took me a little while to get over my homesickness. But I managed to get over it. I had a great host family: two lovely host sisters! They included me in their daily life which was really great. Also they showed all around Sydney. Just the most beautiful city on earth! Also they included me in family holidays, camping in Crescent Head and going to the Blue Mountains.
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  • 5

    Marco – Switzerland

    The best time of my life!!!!!!!

    Coming to Sydney with CEA for 6 months was the best experience of my life! I had the best time here and don’t regret coming to Australia at all, I actually want to stay here for a few more months…;)
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  • 8

    Anja – Switzerland

    Hi there!

    My name is Anja, I’m 16 years old and at the moment I live in Sydney, Australia. Last year I decided to put my life in Switzerland on hold to go and experience the Australian way of life for 11 months . I applied with CEA Campus Education Australia in Australia. As a part of the Sydney program I had the possibility to choose three different host families from a list with a description and photos and I could choose the one I liked the most and they were going to be my new family for the time of my stay.
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  • 9

    Silvia from Italy 16 years

    Hi everyone!! I’m Silvia, from Italy! I’m writing now, at the end of my Australian experience, after spending 6 months in this wonderful country.

    Obviously, now, my feelings are really confused; a part of me misses home, family and friends, but another part of me settled down so well in the months that I wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that I feel like I’m home!! Of course, I can’t say it’s been easy from the beginning cause that wouldn’t be true!!! I’m honest when I say that some moments the first couple of weeks at school were just terrible, when you really feel misplaced and lonely; but after breaking the ice and showing the ozzie kids that you’re not some strange alien but a normal teenager,
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  • 11

    Ilke – from Germany 16 yrs – had the best time of her life!!!

    HI my name is Ilke from Germany

    Six months ago I could not imagine what it would be like to stay away from home for half a year. That is such a long time I thought. And when people asked why I had not decided to spend a whole year in Australia, I answered something like “Are you kidding me? A whole year! I would miss everyone so much, no, a year is too long for me.” Now looking back I wish I could stay longer. There are only about two weeks of school left and I can’t believe how fast time has passed. It doesn’t feel like the end. Not at all. But at the same time I don’t see myself as I am right now when I look back at the girl who arrived here several months ago. She is not me. In fact, I have changed so much, I have grown.
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  • 13

    Sam USA

    Sydney Australia July-December

    I am on left – the beaches are just beautiful

    Australia is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. The beaches, sunsets, landscape, even the people are just wonderful. When I first arrived I was very tired scared. Everything was so overwhelming but my host family was very relaxed and just let me take it easy. I remember eating breakfast the morning after I arrived and thinking wow Im really in Australia.
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  • 14

    Moritz – 16 yrs from Germany

    Had the best time !!!!!!!!!

    My name is Moritz . I stayed in Australia (Sydney) for three months. I lived in a very nice family – my host mum and dad were very very nice and I had a great host family and (this is me in the Red T Shirt with my host family at a theme park) host brother Nick who was 15 and also a host brother Brennan 18 who was from Canada who was staying with the family too
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  • 17

    Keeley 16 yrs USA – 6 months

    My time in Australia has gone by very quickly!! I have had the time of my life! My host family has been amazing! I had 3 new host brothers and immediately I felt part of the family They are a very musical family and I felt included immediately – this is because CEA found the perfect compatible family for me!

    I have worked on getting my Bronze Medallion, which is surf lifesaving and did this with my Host mum we did it together and this formed great bond. That is a huge accomplishment for me because I do not live near the ocean at home! I go to the beach almost every day.
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  • Australia WOW – Miranda 16 yrs – Holland – The Netherlands

    Hello every one,

    My name is Miranda and I’m from the Netherlands in Europe.

    Australia……. WOW….. the land of the kangaroo’s and koala’s. I don’t know exactly how long ago I decided that I wanted to go to Australia, but my memory’s going back till I was about 4 years old. Me Getting exited with a little Koala beer I got from my Australian family coming over for a visit. And me telling myself as little as I was “When I’m big I want to go there” At that time I had no idea where Australia was on a map or how far it was away but all I knew was I wanted to see the koala’s and as I got older I realized there was more than only koala’s but all the rest of the 11 years I kept begging my dad to go on a holiday or let me go to Australia. And…… here I’m in Australia and how sad nearly at the end of my 6 months stay. The 6 most funny and exiting months I’ve ever had.
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  • 18

    Julia – Germany

    Julia (16 years) from Germany

    the best time ever in Sydney, Australia on the Sydney Program

    I really had my best 3 months ever down here in Australia. Making the decision to live in another country, far away from my home, my family and friends to live with a host family for a “long” time was worth it by any means. Definitely, when I first arrived in Sydney everything was new, different and mainly unusual: the first meeting with my host family, their home and the area they live in and the school with its feature. And I had to get used to it.
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  • Land – Utah USA – 6 months 16 years.

    It was January when I arrived in Sydney. Upon arrival I did not know what to expect. Kangaroo’s? People like Steve Erwin? I did see some Kangaroos and met a handful of people that reminded me of Steve Erwin but there was much more to my experience in Australia. As a skateboarder, ending up on the northern beaches was perfect. I had the chance to meet many young kids in a place with different and more people than where I live. I’ve been told that all of this has made me a more mature and independent person.
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  • 19

    SUSANNA – 16 years Switzerland

    Hi everybody! I`m Susanna from Switzerland and I have to write a report about my stay in Australia but I just don`t know where to begin. So many things have happened since I`m here in Australia, my stay was a big experience. Learning English was just a good minor matter next to living here.
    When I was sitting in the airplane to Sydney I was so exited because I had no idea what will be expected of me in down under. Now I know that it was an experience of my life. I learned to live with the Aussie culture and what this easy going means, which is so famous for Australia.
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  • 20

    Alexandra – Zurich Switzerland

    Hi, I’m Alexandra and I just had my best 5 months ever.

    I’m 16 and come from Zurich, a beautiful town in Switzerland. I live there in a village on the lake not far from the city of Zurich. But in Australia, I lived in a totally different environment pretty near to the sea and all the beaches. Being here felt like holiday even though I went to school. It took me quiet a long time to get used to the school here and to like it, because it is just so different and new to me. I was not used to wear a uniform or to be only with girls. 600 girls around me every day seemed pretty strange.
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  • 21

    Ben – 17 Years – Canada Jan – July

    My name is Ben and I’m a Canadian cultural exchange student. If you are thinking about coming on exchange here in Australia, then think no more …………CEA was the best ! I wrote to them and CEA contact me and also rang my parents and explained the whole program and now I am here.
    I’ve just had the greatest 6 months of my life out here. My host family is great, my friends that I’ve made here are great, everything has just worked out.

    This is Me on the Left in the Blue while On Safari …the Best…….
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  • 22

    Adair – 17 Years Nevada USA July – Dec

    My name is Adair and I am 17 years old. I am an only child and enjoy snowboarding. I live in Carson City, Nevada, USA and I chose to come to Australia as my exchange country. It was difficult to choose a company with who to come with to Australia, we spoke to a few, had unpleasant experiences with various companies, but then I found CEA and my Mom and I rang them and spoke with them and we felt very comfortable and sure that they would be here for me when I arrived and offered great support and assistance before I came and while I was here in Australia and they did!
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  • 23

    Laura –16 years – Switzerland Jan-July

    My name is Laura and I am from Switzerland and I here from January to July I decided to go to Australia for six months in October , so I was really late and kind of scared I wouldn’t get in. But I desperately wanted to get away from home and to experience something new! Luckily everything turned out alright and I got into the CEA program without any trouble. Because I was so eager to leave home, I wasn’t as apprehensive as I probably ought to have been. I was just looking forward to coming over, trusting the family would be fine and that I could always change if there was a major problem (which there wasn’t). Saying goodbye went off without a hitch too, I only wanted my family at the airport, so they wished me a good time – and I was off.
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  • Jennifer,First and foremost, I didn’t expect I would have such a great time as I did. I knew it was going to be a life changing experience but I never could have imagined how good it was! I just wanted to thank you for everything! Whenever I had a problem you were there tohelp me and you always made sure I was happy and OK. Even when my bed was a little bit hard, you gave me a mattress.I have heard many different stories about area reps and I feel grateful to of had such a wonderful coordinator. I know my mom could trust you and I knew I could too. I am going to tell all my friends about CEA and how I had such a good time!
    Thank you for the farewell dinner and thanks for everything, Jennifer.Best wishes
    Adair and Denise Nowacki
  • 15

    Edwin – 17 years from Germany

    Photos from the CEA Safari with Ayers Rock in the back ground….wow…….

    To all the brave students who decide to go to a foreign country and to all of you who declared to be prepared for solving problems on your own, organizing your daily life on your own (which can sometimes be harder than you might think) and to those feeling lonely from time to time.
    G’day mate. My name is Edwin and I am a German 17 year old student and decided in spring to spend half a year in Sydney, right on the other side of the world!
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  • 14

    Jess – from Switzerland

    I’m Jess and I’d decided to spend the year in Australia in order to improve my English and to spend some time on the other side of the world (as travelling is one of my many passions)!
    Back in Switzerland, I looked at all the offers for different cultural exchange programmes and decided I was going to do the Sydney programme Campus Education Australia CEA . It seemed like the best option, having school fees and all that comes with it included and first of all getting very supportive assistance from Campus Education Australia, in Sydney.
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  • 13

    Katrin Germany 16 years Jan – July 2003

    Hi from Sydney Australia !!!!!

    My name is Katrin I am 16 years and live in Germany and I decided to live in Australia for 6 month first of all to improve my English and to get to know another country. But I also thought that this is a great opportunity to become more independent, to grow up and to learn to deal with complicated situations. That’s why I finally arrived in January 18th for an experience I will never forget.
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  • 12

    Julian 17 Years from Germany – 6 months

    G day,

    My name is Julian and I am a 17 years old student from Germany.

    I decided to come to Australia for 6 months and that time was the best time of my life.
    I arrived in Sydney in February, the whole flight I couldn’t sleep because I was that nervous, but when I met my host family and had dinner with them I could already see that I will feel comfortable living with such a nice family.
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  • 11

    Christy 17 years from USA – Jan – July My trip Down under, Sydney Australia with Campus Education Australia (CEA)

    Making the decision to leave home for six months was one of the most difficult, but also most rewarding, decisions I have ever made. When I first arrived in Sydney, all I could think was, “What am I doing here?!”. It was a scary feeling. However, by the end of my first day with my host family, I felt like I was practically part of the family. They were very welcoming and helpful, always being there when I needed them, but also giving me space when I needed some privacy.
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  • 1

    Carrie, 16 years – Washington USA
    My trip to Australia !

    Campus Education Australia CEA has been absolutely terrific in getting everything together for me while I was in the US and at such short notice. My Mom and Dad felt very comfortable and confident with the thorough way CEA organised everything for me to study the land downunder in Sydney Australia that I was packed and ready to go before I knew it I was here! Now I would like to share my story with you.
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  • 2

    Jake – 16 yrs Germany

    I spent one year in Australia, the first six months in Melbourne, where things didn’t seem to work out right for me. But once we had contacted CEA in Sydney they quickly and flexibly arranged for a transference to Sydney, taking care of all the paperwork, and I really got to enjoy the other half of my stay down under. They found an excellent host family, the perfect school and were always there whenever any questions arised.
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  • 3

    Lucas – 17 years from Vienna Austria

    It was sometime in March 2001 when I decided to go for 6 months to Sydney and I had looked really forward to see this city and the country and of course to improve my English which wasn’t that good and besides that I just wanted to do something like that my entire live.

    I think it s a huge step for a young person leaving home for 6 months and going on the other side of this planet to look what s going on there.
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  • 4

    Caroline 17 years – Innsbruck Austria

    Already I’ve been here in Sydney for 5 months and there’s only one more month left – I can’t believe it, time has passed so quickly!! At the beginning 6 months seemed to be such a long time – everything was just so different to what I had expected and to what I was used to.

    It was really hard to get used to the Australian school system. I wasn’t as happy with my first host family so after 2 months CEA helped me and placed me with a really great family . My new host family was the best thing I could have done. With my new host family I fitted in together much better and I felt very comfortable quickly.
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  • 5

    Rafael – Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

    “O tempo passou muito rápido pra mim na Austrália, não parece que passei 6 meses aqui, parece que cheguei aqui ontem. Primeiro, quando cheguei no aeroporto eu estava um pouco ansioso mas depois me encontrei com um representante da CEA e me senti bem melhor. Fui levado para minha host family e depois de algumas semanas eu não sabia porque eu tinha estado tão preucupado sobre o início. Minha host family me fez sentir muito bem vindo e eu começei a fazer amigos na escola e desde então eu não olhei pra trás e me diverti muito. Eu não posso acreditar que passei todo esse tempo aqui.
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  • 6

    Fernanda – Sertãozinho, São Paulo

    “I really enjoyed my stay in Australia for 6 months.I learnt many things by attending a local high school and met many new Australian friends. I want to really thank my home host family who welcomed me into their family as one of their own daughters. They are a great family and I never forget their kindness, love and help, and my host mothers cooking was the best.
    Thanks with all my heart . Love Fernanda.”
    “Studying in an Australian school allowed me to develop my English language and make many new Australian friends.”
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  • 7

    Angeles – Santa Fe, Argentina

    “Australia is a wonderful safe country. I feel very comfortable with my new Australian host family. I enjoyed having Australian sisters to ride bikes and take the dog for walks. I really felt a part of the family. Studying in Australia allowed me to develop new friendships and practise my English language – it is a wonderful experience, one I will always remember.”


  • 8

    Bea – Koln, Germany English translation

    Hey everybody! I have been in Sydney Australia – for 6 months, which has passed by far too quick! Well, first when I arrived everything was so strange for me: the surrounding, the atmosphere, just everything was different and so I was really homesick, what I never felt before. But CEA helped me to settle down and my host family supported me as well.
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  • 9

    Phil – Colorado USA

    Australia — WOW!!! Hi my name is Phil and I came to Australia unsure of what I had gotten myself into but I soon found out that this was the chance of a life time and I truly had the time of my life down here thanks to C.E.A..

    My host family was very helpful and spent a lot of time with me while I learned how to get around town and get to school. The schools are great and you wouldn’t believe how easy it is to fit in amongst the teachers and students.
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  • 10

    Paulo – Saõ Paulo Brazil

    “Eu estive na Australia por 11 mêses pude constatar que Sidney é uma cidade encantadora por ser limpa e segura você aprimora seu inglês e desfruta de iversas atividades que na Australia são dimais como: pular de uma ponte seguro só por um elástico, descer altas correntezas num pequeno bote, saltar de paraquedas, surfar em lindas praias com ondas emocionantes,. jogar futebol em campos belicimos, tenho certeza que você não vai querer ir embora.. Além de tudo isso você tem a chance de fazer novos amigos com pessoas do mundo inteiro, e ser assistido de perto por uma empreza especializada em intercambios de estudantes chamada Campus Education Australia ( CEA ) que lhe arrumará a acomodação em famílias acolhedouras que você se sentirá em sua própria casa.
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