Parent Reviews

  • Mrs Isabella Ostman – mother of Linden from Canada – thank you CEA


    I suggested to my then 15 year old daughter, Linden that she might consider an international school placement for part of her Grade 11 year. She thought that was a great idea and started looking. After doing internet research for a few weeks, she found Campus Education Australia CEA’s website and said “I want to go to Australia”.

    Australia is almost as far away from Canada as you can go and I said, “Are you sure? It is really far away. You can’t just come home if you get homesick”. But Linden was adamant that this is where she wanted go. I began doing my own research, first on the internet and then by speaking to Jennifer. It was very reassuring to me that Jennifer herself selected the host families, arranged the schools and would be there for Linden during the placement. Lindens host family was just a perfect match and they included and she felt welcome from day one.
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  • noemi_ch

    Claudia and Beat Baumgartner Daughter Noemi from Switzerland How they experienced the program

    Dear parents

    Sending your child far away in a teenager cultural exchange experience is quite a challenge! It was not easy for us to let our daughter go far away with only 15 and turned 16 years in Australia, especially as she’s our only child.
    So we were looking for an organization we felt secure and we trusted in.
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  • manuel

    Dr Angelika Bernardo – Manuel 15 years from Switzerland – Jan- Dec

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you very much for your mail and for Manuel’s report. We phoned Saturday and Sunday. He is absolutely happy and enjoying his stay in Sydney. You can feel his happiness and his satisfaction in each mail and every call. Probably the first months weren’t easy for him for a lot of circumstances. We had much more calls than now and sometimes he was calling his sister not wishing that we are worried about him.
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  • 2

    STINA from Sweden

    Our daughter Stina spent a year as an exchange student in Australia, returning home in July. A brilliant year in all respects: the school worked out well, her host family was lovely, the organization was excellent and above all the sun shone nearly all the time! Stina loved it. To her credit I think she put in a lot of effort and made the most of the many opportunities that came her way. On the other hand, no amount of positive attitude helps if the basic setup is not right.
    We checked a lot of organizations before deciding on CEA. Our two main reasons for going with Campus Education were that it is based in Sydney, where we have family connections, and that it meant we could have some insight into the choice of family, school and location. Both valuable to us.
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  • barbla

    Mrs Barbla Denoth – Daughter Luisa (15) from Switzerland

    Dear Jennifer

    Thank you very much for sending me Luisa’s essay. Yes, she really had a very good time in Sydney. Her dream has become true and we so proud of her!

    Thank you so much, Jennifer, for everything you have done for Luisa. With you, CEA she could make so many good experiences that will last for all her life.
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  • manuela01

    Switzerland – Daughter Linda – 16 yrs
    Mrs Manuela Huesser –shares per experience and an update on her daughter Linda’s experience while on the Sydney Program

    Dear Jennifer,

    Sorry for my late reply. I would be happy to write a letter with my personal opinion on the CEA Sydney program.

    Overall I must admit that as parents, we were very satisfied with the choice of program Linda opted for.
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  • giulio-002

    Dr and Mrs Deangeli – ITALY

    Son – Giulio 16 years has just arrived in Sydney – here is what they are saying

    Dear Jennifer,

    You can’t imagine how much we appreciate your e-mail and everything you are doing for Giulio.

    That’s very kind of you. Thank you!

    Giulio telephoned us shortly to let us know he was happy and safe at the Bethell’s place.
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  • wyatt1

    Mr Jim and Mrs Heather Wyatt – Canada

    Brennan – From Nova Scotia Canada 18 – yrs on the Gap program – stayed 13 months.

    Brief from Mr Jim Wyatt

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you, yes they can contact me and any other parents can call me any time.
    It was an pleasure meeting you during my visit to Sydney during the end of September. I am so glad I had the opportunity to personally thank you, the school staff and instructors and especially the host family.
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  • From Mrs Heather Wyatt – below

    Hi Jennifer – so glad you and Jim had a chance to meet in Sydney .Brennan is patiently waiting to see if he is accepted at Uni for January admission. Our fingers are crossed as he does not have a ‘Plan B’. He is all grown up for sure – and Malcolm and Julia provided a loving and caring home for him and we are forever grateful for that. It was a perfect match!!!

    Please feel free to give our contact info to anyone considering CEA This was such a positive experience for our family and I would be more than happy to endorse your services.
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  • riklin1

    Dr Alexander and Mrs Barbara Riklin

    Son – Lucas Riklin – 17 years Vienna Austria

    In Sydney for 6 months Jan – July

    Dear Jennifer,

    Only one more week until Lucas will be back to Vienna.
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  • Dr Angelika Bernardo – Manuel 15 years from Switzerland – 10 months Jan- Dec

    Dear Jennifer,

    Thank you very much for your mail and for Manuel’s report. We phoned Saturday and Sunday. Since changing school and family he is absolutely happy and enjoying his staying in Sydney. You can feel his happiness and his satisfaction in each mail and every call. Probably the first months weren’t easy for him for a lot of circumstances. We had much more calls than now and sometimes he was calling his sister not wishing that we are worried about him.
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  • silvia1

    Silvia – 16 yrs from Italy

    Brief from her Father Mr Edoardo Professione
    after she has returned home – safely to Italy

    Hi Jennifer,

    Silvia return journey went very smoothly! Unfortunately we had her with us only for two days as she immediately left to go to the sea with her friends. She will be back this week and she will surely answer your mail.
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  • Luisa travelled on the CEA Sydney Program in 2006 and here is how and what she is thinking few years later – this is an Experience of a Life Time – and it will ALWAYS be part of your thoughts to come. So Don’t Dream It Do it !! with Campus Education Australia CEA

    Luisa 24. Juli 2010 um 11:41
    Re: Greetings from Sydney Australia

    hi Jennifer!!!

how are you?! hope everything is fine in far-far-away Australia!? =) 

I can’t even tell you how often I am thinking of my time in Sydney!!! probably every day!!! it was the best decision to go on exchange at the age of 16, because it was so easy going and now it would be a lot more stressful! I have been thinking of coming back many times to my host sister Teagan’s wedding or to travel around with a friend from Austria, but I have seen more than most Australians in 2006, so i was traveling to other countries as well!!! =)

right now i am at university in Graz and i do environmental system science and business administration!!! i really like it, i am like my dad thinking of my interests and maybe i will work for his company one day but at that is part of the future!!! i will be at uni for about another 4 years but that’s right for me!!!

how about you?! what’s up in Sydney!? 

Nice greetings from Austria =)

PS: my professors at uni were thinking I am Australian because of my English!!! how funny is that!! =)
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  • silvia2

    Silvia – 16 yrs from Milan – Italy

    her fathers update to CEA

    She is here for 6 months – has been here now 4 weeks and 8 weeks below

    Edoardo Professione wrote:

    Left Brennan, Jennifer, Anja,Land, Marco, Silvia
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  • bensen

    Mr Ray Bensen

    Daughter Keeley 16 yrs USA

    Parent overview on how his daughter Keeley 17 from USA Experienced her Trip down under with CEA – she has now returned home.

    My daughter Keeley had the most fantastic time while she was in Sydney Australia.

    She was matched with a wonderful and perfect family to stay with. They just did everything with her and took her out and showed her so much. The school was very good also.
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  • black1

    Parent overview Mr Richard Black – USA

    Mr Richard Black thanks CEA for the time spent on locating the right family for his daughter before she arrives in on Sydney Program.

    CEA does ask that you be patient some times and we will find the right family for your son or daughter – here is brief from a very happy girl and her father’s overview

    Samantha Black North Carolina USA 16 years – 6 months
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  • materne

    Mr Stefan and Mrs Andrea Materne – From Germany – Charlotte has just returned home and here is message from her parents.

    Daughter: Charlotte 16 yrs in Sydney stayed 6 months from GERMANY

    Charlotte 2nd from left

    Hi Jennifer,

Many thanks for your kind email, and apologies for not informing you earlier about Charlotte’s safe arrival.
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  • Land Olsen 16 yrs from Utah USA on the Way to Australia


    Overview of What his Mum and Dad have to say

    DeAnn Olsen wrote:

    Hello Jennifer

    Land is on the airplane and should be arriving in Sydney in four hours. He is anxious and excited at the same time. I wanted to let you know that we changed his return ticket to 8 July to comply with the visa requirements. Thankyou for everything… we can’t believe it is finally underway when this opportunity has been almost a year in the making.
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  • Mrs Elsbeth and Mr David Dean – Switzerland – Daughter Jessica 17 – Jan-Dec



    This is Elsbeth and David Dean, parents of Jessica Dean (17) who spent 11 months in Sydney, Australia.

    We chose CEA Campus Education Australia and partner organisation in Switzerland to realise this exchange year because we were mostly interested in the Sydney Programme that they offer. This way it was guaranteed that Jessica would definitely be placed close to Sydney and we had greater support with choosing a host family and school.

    We have to admit that it was a strange feeling when we brought Jessica to the airport and knowing that we won’t see her again for almost a year.
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  • adair

    Adair Nowacki – July – Dec -17 years

    From USA

    Thank you from her Mother

    Mrs Denise Nowacki

    Thank you – from Mrs Nowacki

    Adair with her host family
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