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Dreaming of seeing the world? Campus Education can help get you there. Our cultural programs enables students to:

    • SPAIN High School or Language school cultural experience 4 – 10 weeks, 3, 5, 10 month programs

      Sun, siesta, beach, snow, tapas, paella and many historical and cultural riches Spain has to offer. Spanish is the third most spoken language, and during your stay you will learn to speak it perfectly as a Spaniard. Orientation Camp: For arrivals in August for a Semester or Academic year program, you can join our great Orientation camp for 8 days includes Spanish language lesson daily, new friends and sightseeing in Madrid! February arrival is on request. What a great way to start your study abroad adventure.

    White Christmas 6 week Immersion: High school cultural exchange in Spain and experience Spanish Christmas festive season, attend a local high school and live with a local Spanish family.

Spain Educational group 3 weeks Study Tour departs in School vacation April and September. HOLA Spain educational 3 week study tour

School Life: In school, you will quickly find out that things are different. In the Spanish school select line, for example. Economic, Humanitarian, Natural Sciences or Technical line. Teaching is usually in the form of classes where students listen and interact in class. Take some Spanish classes in before you leave to go on an exchange to Spain. Spanish language school during your stay is an excellent option, so you get a good start to your high school abroad in Spain. If you have preferred location in Spain this is also possible.

Host Family Life: Your Spanish family will be selected by our partner organization in Spain and we give you some family choices and you choose the family you like. Spaniards are warm, relaxed, hospitable and welcoming and will treat you as a new family member. Spaniards have a passion for life, and their traditional siesta still acted out in many parts of the country and in major cities. They usually like to eat late with the whole family.

  • Leisure time Weekend and Fun: Spaniards are very keen on football or try Flamenco dancing, playing with a musical band or be a member of a youth club. Go to the beautiful beaches, hang out with friends, walk around historical cities, towns and absorb the history Spain has to offer. Visit museums, cathedrals, shopping with friends

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