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  • »  gain independence and confidence;
  • »  and make friends around the world to form networks for life.
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French high school or language school cultural experience 4-8 weeks, 3,5,10 month programs

Our French program is tailor made to suit you! Study in a French school or French language school and live with a French family as a local French teenager. BONJOUR France Educational 3 week study tour, White Xmas 6 weeks program, 3 month or 5 months program. A cultural experience in France in the beautiful Bordeaux district is fun, exciting heaps to do and also the best way to become more familiar with French language and live the French way of life. Visit beautiful old towns and villages, castles, vineyard that are simply like a fairy tale village. Good knowledge of French is no longer merely a sign of good education but a lifestyle.
BONJOUR France – see yourself in the Picture video

VIVE La FRANCE here is so much to see and do with possibly a short trip to Paris with your host family you can visit Notre Dame, visit the Eiffel tower. Day trip to Versailles or Paris Disneyland with your host family and walk back in history where the treaty was signed.

White Xmas 6 weeks “Joyeux Noël “ High school cultural exchange in France or would you prefer to attend French Language school and Live with a local French family Bonjour French Educational Study Tour for 3 weeks with a group departs in School vacation January, April and September Bonjour France educational 3 week study tour

SCHOOL LIFE IN FRANCE: In the French school ages 15 to 17 is preparation in the Lycée and the first part of the Baccalaureate. 18 is the second part of the Baccalaureate The French school system is more formal and structured then you are use to a French school day is quite long, and you have tasks at home and expect to do your homework. The school day starts at about 9 clock and ends 5pm. In between there is one hour lunch break. Wednesday afternoon is often free. Most people speak English in France, but they prefer French

HOST FAMILY LIFE IN FRANCE: Host families are carefully chosen by our host family coordinator in France who personally interviews all the familie and you can make the final decision of which family you would like stay with. Host families will show you all the great sightseeing hot spots and really include you in the family. Enjoy lovely home cooking an experience some of the delicious French cuisines. Many of our host families are near the famous Bordeaux areas of France. Live with a great family and you will really get the opportunity to perfect your French speaking skills.

SPORTS AND ACTIVITIES: There a great variety of sport in France. Join the local soccer team, this is usually watched by all the country. Handball, football, rugby union, cycling, basketball. In winter enjoy skiing or snowboarding.

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