High School Australia

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High school and what is it like

The school system is of a high academic standard and we have public and private schools. Schools offers many extra curricular activities. Private schools are available. Most private schools are single sex schools, there is limited coeducational schools.. Private Schools have a bigger selection of extra outdoor/indoor curriculum in sports, and talent clubs, if this is important to you. The school year begins in February, ends in December and is divided into 4 terms, which each last 9 to 10 weeks. Students usually come on the CEA high school program in Year 10 or 11 of high school.

The school day starts 8.30 to 3.15pm five days a week. School uniform is worn in all schools You will take only have 6 subjects to study in school. Apart from the compulsory subject of English, you will be able to choose many others including mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, art, photography, food technology, business studies, languages, design technology, media, dance, drama, surfing and much more. Lunch is always at school and usually all students bring a packed lunch or can purchase in school shop. Getting to school is by local school bus, walking, ride your bike.

Sport plays is an important role and a school spirit spreads as the various teams compete against other schools. as well as a Tuesday or Wednesday afternoon sports day. These can vary from tennis, soccer, gymnastics, basketball, baseball, surfing, bowling, jogging on the beach and much more. It will depend on the school. Sporting teams usually are outside school times. These are very popular and there are many team sports and groups you can join on the weekend.

Sport and Activities outside of school

Sports are popular in Australia as the weather is amazing. You have heaps of time after school and weekends to participate in any activity or sport you like. Our weather is always great so you can do many outdoor sports and activities. Go to the beach, join the surf club, kayaking, dragon boating, sailing, surfing. tennis, music or dance. Join a local sports team, soccer, football, handball. We are here to help you join and connect with a club so you can continue what you love doing best. Just ask and we will send links and more information.

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