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  • »  gain independence and confidence;
  • »  and make friends around the world to form networks for life.
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    1. Norah bridge and boat

      Study Abroad in Australia High School is amazing !

      Do you love great weather, going to the beach and having a relaxed lifestyle? A Cultural experience in Sydney Australia is beyond any expectation Fabulous beaches to swim and surf. The weather is great, heaps of out door things to do. Visit the most amazing Icons in the world, the Sydney Opera house and famous Sydney harbour bridge all very close to where you will live.

    2. 22 School Life in Australia. Is great in Australia, everyone is relaxed and easy going. Classes are from 8.30 – 3.30 daily and it gives you plenty of time to hang out with friends, go to the beach for a surf or any activity you like.
      Live life as a local high school student with a variety of subjects you can do with a great opportunity to perfect your English language. Sports are very popular.

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    “ My high school was great! The Aussie school system is of course so different, if compared to the Italian one! But you can quickly adapt and you find Australians that are lovely! The school, the teachers, students all helped me settle in and welcomed me and also help me a lot with vocabulary, and perfecting my general language skills.” Silvia from Italy.
  • 33Sports and Activities Sports are popular in Australia. You can join a local or high school basketball, volleyball, baseball or tennis group. Play golf, skate boarding, surfing, swimming or push bike riding. Sailing, tennis squads, dance classes, ballet, hip hop, jazz, guitar, musicals, athletics, running, dragon boating, soccer, football and much more. If you prefer music, you can join the high school band and really feel a part of the group. Local musical by joining in you will be sure to meet new friends.
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    “I just love my host family as I feel some much apart of the family. I went to a great private school it was awesome. I ride to the beach on my bike on the weekend as I also joined the local Surf club so I can learn to be a life guard and meet lots of great new friends at the beach. They made me feel so welcome as well as all my great school friends so I have big circle of friends. I really do not want to go home yet ! “ Nora from Denmark
  • “My host family was great right from the very beginning , they made me feel welcome and liked I was a part of their family. I had to learn to adapt to a different lifestyle which was a great experience, I reckon I was really lucky to stay with them” Laura from Austria.
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    Host family life in Australia. Lots of great families in the Sydney program. Families are all different and come in lots of packages. Host families are all interviewed personally in their home.  All families are security checked prior to student placements and we will match you with a great family.  Quality families living close to the school in a safe environment. Aussie families are fun, warm, caring, relaxed and easy going.

  • “Challenge yourself and come and live in Australia. You won’t forget this experience. It is beneficial and enriching for your whole life. You return as a different, grown up person “ Phillip from Germany.
  • 2 Sightseeing, weekends, sports, leisure time and fun This is the best part. Freedom, fun and in the heart Sydney. Heaps of things to see and do. I am here at last ! Visit the Opera House and Harbour bridge, take some awesome pictures and jump on a ferry from Manly. Many sporting activities to join and clubs. Always something to see and do.
  • Everyone was super friendly, welcoming and wanted to be friends. Just in my first hour at school I had been introduced to everyone in the whole year! That’s why Australia is such a good place to go because everyone here is so open and talkative” “I went sightseeing every weekend and saw something different each time, just so much to do and just had one big adventure. I just love surfing and the beach amazing” Stina from Sweden.
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