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    Dreaming of traveling abroad?  Study Abroad Campus Education offers high school students study abroad programs with a different. Schools are independent quality schools in Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Spain Switzerland & USA. The program is open to all international students of different backgrounds with a focus on a cross-cultural experience, living a true experience with local families, academic studies & world peace.

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    High School Study Abroad cultural experience Australia from 4 – 12 weeks + Semester in Brisbane, Gold Coast Queensland and New South Wales.

    Join the SYDNEY 3 day Orientation Camp before you met up with your host family to see the famous Sydney OPERA HOUSE, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour and more. Arrive in January, April, July, August or October. It is a truly unique experience where students have a full immersion and exchange lives in the day to day life of our Australian culture. CEA is a unique boutique organisation giving you quality service, personal advice and assistance when it comes to sending your teenager on an experience of a cultural lifetime exchange. We are big enough to offer you choice and small enough to offer individual assistance. CEA has 20 years of experience offering quality advice and expertise in this area. Rest assured we care for your teenager as if they are our own offering you the independent advice for this wonderful experience. Students stay with quality host families and can choose the school they like to attend. For student keen to choose their host family and school we offer our Private School program, ask for details. Students enjoy placements in beautiful Sydney New South Wales, Gold Coast and Brisbane Queensland.
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    Cultural exchange experience in Austria, Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, USA 4, 6 weeks, 3, 5 months

    This is a wonderful program open to students keen to exchange ideas and exciting experiences studying and living in another country. On the White Xmas program studying the language is not mandatory. Highly recommended for 3 & 5 month programs to France, Germany, Italy, Spain or USA. Our goal is for you to have a taste and true immersion, cultural and language experience. We are a Boutique organisation big enough to offer choice and small enough to care for your teenager with good schools abroad in each country either private and government schools.

  5. GROUPS: School Study groups tours are available for all schools or language groups keen to experience cultural immersion. Study tours all depart in School vacation refer to links Destinations
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    White Xmas High school cultural exchange adventure for 6 weeks during your school break to Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Spain Switzerland & USA

    Come on a cultural experience to exchange ideas together in Austria, Ciao Italy, Viva Le France, Guten tag Germany, Hola Spain, Hello USA America for 6 weeks. This is a great program that is open to students keen to have a taste and full immersion living in another country will visiting a local school and a local family in a safe area. This is an opportunity of a life time to be a student on a Study Abroad cultural experience in an other country. Christmas 6 week program normally departs end November to Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland or USA and returns the first week of January. We tailor the departure dates to suit you. Deadline is 01 September 2018. Register Today

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  8. Internship and Study English Language school in Sydney Australia during your Summer break from 4 – 10 weeks

    Improve your language speaking skills. Come on our CEA Internship + Study program for 4 – 10 weeks. Internship is the opportunity to work in an Australian company and Studying English in a great local English language school. Go during your summer vacation break or any time during the year. Live with a Local Australian family, study English, lots of time for sightseeing, complete your Internship and perfect your English conversation skills. If you are from USA and Canada or English is your first language, then we have our Internship + Adventure + Australian family experience. It is a truly unique experience where students have full immersion in the day to day life truly experiencing our Australian culture. Age from 16 – 20 yrs . Enquire now

  9. GAP program is open for all students keen to travel after HSC 4-12 weeks

    Always wanted to go Travel Abroad but too busy focusing on your HSC, well now you can travel after you have finished your exams prior to University and attend a Language school or a High school abroad on safe and friendly program and live abroad and exchange cultural ideas with a local family in FRANCE, ITALY, GERMANY or SPAIN. Live with a great local family and then return home ready for Uni or continue travelling further abroad on your own.