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There’s a saying that “you’re only young once,” and at Study Abroad Campus Education, we believe that to be true. That’s why we’ve been providing extraordinary academic travel opportunities to high school students since 1988. Our unique youth exchange programs allow students ages 14-18 to study abroad and enjoy the journey of a lifetime.

Study Abroad Campus Education offers unparalleled high school exchange programs with academic travel to various destinations, such as Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. Our exclusive boutique style agency offers uncompromised personalised service to you and your family.

When you travel with one of our youth exchange programs, we take your individual needs into consideration. Also, our local coordinators each live in the same locale near you and are available to assist you 24 hours a day and seven days per week – that’s like having your very own international concierge!

With our specialty placement protocol, we aim to house students who have unique talents with their peers. We are proud to successfully position active students together with host families who have similar interests. This encourages and enables you to continue with your sports and various activities while abroad. That means that your host family will have high school students involved in the sport or activity that you are. It’s like having teammates across the globe!

Experience our youth exchange programs to France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Switzerland and get your adventure started. We invite you to call us on +61 294517071 or +61 418 630 414 today. contact us today Enquire Now what are you waiting for?