Host Families

  1. Host Families, caring and simply the best !

    CEA Sydney program allows you to choose your school and a compatible family is chosen for you that is located very close the the school of your choice.

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    All families are quality and live in middle to upper class areas and as you will be very close the beautiful beaches and safe on the North side of Sydney. As well as being only a short bus trip to the famous tourist attractions of Sydney including Sydney Opera house and Harbour bridge for great day trips on the weekend. You can also choose the school you want to study in either a public or private school that is close to the family. Private schools allow the option of choosing the family you would like to stay with, if you would like more details please ask

    “I really enjoyed my host family, they were very kind and always were there to support and help me when I needed ” Alex – Germany

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    The host families guarantee a high standard of accommodation and facilities and will provide our Study Abroad students with a nurturing, caring, stable environment, a room, study area, delicious home cooked meals, moral support, companionship and English language conversation. They welcome you as a member of the family.

    ” My host family is the kindest family ever, and they made my life in Australia PERFECT. It was great to have on host sister I could go surfing with, 2 host brothers and awesome host parents, I felt just like one of the family. It was the best year of my life”

    Noemi – Switzerland

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    Everyone loves Australians and it is not difficult to understand why. Australians are nice, friendly, relaxed and generally awesome. As an international student in Australia, you will experience the everyday life that is different from what you are used to. Families go to the beach and have barbecues on Christmas Eve and have a hot Christmas day. Life is relaxed and social. “No worries mate”.

    Stina – Sweden

    “as soon as I arrived I really liked my host family, they were so nice and welcoming and I quickly felt part of the family. I also soon became good friends with my both host sisters Angela and Nicola and together with them I’ve done heaps of great stuff like shopping days, going to the beach, sightseeing, concerts and on holidays with the family “