Host A International Student

Hosting an International student is a great experience.We are always keen to hear from caring warm families ? Perhaps a friend or neighbour of yours is hosting a student, you might remember friendships with foreign students from your own school days, or your children may have met a student at school and would like a new host brother or sister. No matter the reason, we are glad you’re here!

Hosting an international student means more than providing a bed and meals. With CEA all our host families welcome a new member into your family while sharing your home and everyday lives. Many International students are eager to learn about the Australian culture, especially the Australia family dynamic. Other students are focused on the academic experience and the opportunity to explore their independence. CEA take all factors into consideration and create the best possible matches between our international students and our Host Families.

Families who choose to become a Host Family offer a young international student the opportunity to discover the Australia as a country and a culture. Your family will also learn about a new culture, its values and traditions, language, food and more.

In return, Campus Education Australia CEA offers you support in the form of an International coordinator who will work closely with you and your student, a 24 hour emergency phone number, and a monthly remuneration to help offset the costs associated with having another person in the home.

Hosting an International Student can be a very rewarding experience! We look forward to hearing from you to experience a fabulous cultural exchange experience with CEA

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