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What will I achieve on the Study Abroad Program?

Being an international student will teach you so many life skills then you would ever learn in a classroom. Imagine living in your Dream country. Choose to go on exchange for 1, 2, 3, 5, 6 10/11 months. Full immersion with a great local family. Attend a local high and be like a real local. Imagine when your go back home, your English, French, Italian, German or Spanish language will have improved so much. This will be asset in every way of your life. Being on the Study Abroad cultural program, you will learn many things about yourself and also how to handle many situations that will add value to your future both when you return home to finish school and also in your future life and career.

What will I achieve by going abroad ?
Is this one of the best investments of my future?

    • I will be able to speak fluently with an excellent understanding
    • I will be more fluent in speaking the language of the country you decide to go to.
    • I will feel like a true local living with a great Family and feel like their son or daughter
    • I will gain a new outlook in life with a respect and understanding of others and myself
    • I will make many new global friendships that will impact my life for many years
    • It will teach me to make decisions, handle situations and work through these
    • I will be great at finding positive solutions
    • I will Feel confident in myself while maturing in the process
    • I will learn how to handle situations with maturity with a win win out come
    • I will be very proud of myself.

Can I go on a Study Abroad program?

      • Am I well balanced and able to treat others with respect
      • Am I between the age of 14.5-18 and still enrolled in school
      • Am I able to make decisions and follow through with a mature mind
      • Am I adaptable and I willing to be open to change and able to cope and learn new things
      • Am I in good health and not taking medication .
      • Am I of sound mind and not on any medication, have no anxiety or depression symptoms
      • not seeing a counselor for any issues that I am going through as I will not be able to cope with
      • Be a C student with average grades, a self starter to complete school assignments and get things done is very important to be accepted on the program.
      • If you are on medication and this is not informed prior to your arrival CEA will have the right to return you the student home immediately at the cost of your natural parents.

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