Learn Italian And Live Like A Local With A CEA School Trip To Italy

At Campus Education Australia, we often hear from families whose teenagers are interested in pursuing cultural immersion trips, but also nervous about the process of finding the right host family or school. Luckily, we consider it our job to ease those worries, and with 20 years of experience in this industry, we believe we are quite good at our job.

A Personalised Italy School Trip

If you decide to go through CEA to plan an extended school trip to Italy, you won’t just get the same generic Italy immersion experience as every other Australian teenager. In fact, our study abroad programs are the opposite of generic. We work with partner organisations in Italy to tailor Italian school trips that are a match with your goals, your personality and your personal preferences.

The result is a highly personalised study abroad program—a program built around you rather than around the place where you are going. With this personalisation comes peace of mind, for students and families alike. You can rest easy knowing that we’ve taken the time to match you with a caring and compatible family. In fact, we let you decide whether or not you want to live with a specific host family—something that no other organisation does.

We also just have an extremely high standard when it comes to selecting host families in the first place. Our goal when we tailor a school trip to Italy for you is to find a host family that will truly become a second family for you. We want our host families to provide love, support and connection—not just a roof and a few meals a day. To meet this high standard, we meticulously screen and interview every host family before placing a single student with them.

When planning your Italian school trip, we will also work to place you with a compatible high school. The best study abroad programs provide opportunities to learn a lot and build lifelong friendships in another country. The right school will unlock both these possibilities, and we will certainly find you the right school.

Work with Campus Education Australia to Live Like a Local in Italy

By finding you the right host family and the right school, Campus Education Australia can make sure your Italy school trip feels less like a temporary arrangement and more like a permanent living situation. The most enriching and educational cultural and language immersion experiences are built from comfort and contentment. You will meet the most people and learn the most by living like a local instead of like a visitor. By providing you with living conditions that make you feel at home, CEA ensures that you have the type of Italian school trip that you will remember forever—for all the right reasons.

Are you interested in planning a school trip to Italy? To start the process of finding the perfect school and host family for your language immersion experience, get in touch with CEA today. You can reach us by dialling either (00) +61 294517071 or (00) +61 418 630 414.