Summer Program Study English +Internship + Surf School + Immersion + Discover 2-12 weeks

A great opportunity if you are 16-21 years. Attend local English Academy near the beach, learn to surf if this is what you are keen to do as this is optional. True immersion with a local family. And great way to experience living in another country, Program is available for 2-12 weeks and can be taken during your Summer break or any time during the year. Age from 16 – 21 yrs . Enquire now

CEA offers Internship + Study program + Discover + Surf (optional) for all students keen to improve their English conversation and speaking skills and full immersion and live with a host family. Internship + Discover + Surf program is more suitable for students who have English as their first language and keen to expand you network, learn more about new work experience skills and come for cultural experience and learn about yourself. CEA includes everything you need to have a successful exciting trip while you are abroad and will tailor make it to suit you. We organize your Internship placement in many fields such as Business, IT, Hospitality or CEA if you have preferred area of interest. Accommodation with a great Australian family, sightseeing package includes meeting our beautiful Koalas, Kangaroos, amazing Sydney Opera House, Harbour bridge, Surfing and much more so you really enjoy an experience and adventure abroad of a lifetime.

CEA Internship + Study will not only expand your skill set and knowledge in various fields, but you will be learning new skills and experience in a safe caring environment staying with a great Australian family on the beautiful Northern beaches in Sydney Australia This experience will set you apart from others in your future as well as become Globally aware.   Each Internship work experience role will let you learn more about yourself and what you want from a career – perhaps your internship will be in a large company and you will realize that you value having a big office culture, or perhaps you will realize that you work better independently and so a smaller company will be a better fit for you in the future. While the internships on our program are unpaid, the experience gained will give you the edge you need to negotiate in future positions when you return home. There are many fields you can apply for, when you enrol let us know what area you would like to work in. We tailor the program to suit you. Internship Enquiry form