High School Study Abroad

  • High School Study abroad Student Cultural exchange experience program, easy and simply the Best

    High school Student Study Abroad cultural exchange experience with CEA gives you opportunity to Choose your family and School. Full immersion with a local great family and school in many countries around the world DESTINATIONS

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    Imagine living with a local Australian family

    It can’t get any better then this. You can choose the family you like. Learn and perfect your English speaking skills and pick up some great Aussie sayings.

  • High School study abroad in Austria, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and live the Dream !

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    Study Abroad and live as a local :

    Unique and simply the best way to experience looking through the eyes as a local teenager and living the DREAM. Improve your French, Italian, German or Spanish

CEA Christmas 6 week program departs December until early January in your summer break.

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  • Ciao ITALY: Read more
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  • Hola SPAIN: Read more
  • Join our the Term- 3 month or Semester-5 month programs so you can immerse yourself into the local culture, family life and school while living your dream.

    Imagine living with a local family overseas? Ciao, Buon Giorno, Bonjour, Guten Tag, God dag, Bra dag,

    Live as a local abroad. CEA has a great destinations so join and experience and live as a true local. If you want to live in Italy, France, Austria, Spain, Germany or Switzerland and more is all possible. Come on a cultural exchange experience in your Summer break for 6 weeks or our 3 months and 5 month programs. DESTINATIONS

    Being a Study Abroad Student is a Lifetime in a year … Dont just dream it, when you can do it now !