High School Students Can Spend Six Incredible Weeks Learning & Living In Italy Through This Program To Promote Cultural Exchange

Buongiorno! If you are a high school student between the ages of 14 and 18, Italy can be more than just a country you learn about it in history or Italian class. With Campus Education Australia and our high school student exchange program to Italy, you could spend six weeks living there and learning what it is really like. Not only will you be able to immerse yourself in the language (the best way to learn it), but you will also experience life as a teen in Italy.

Unlike other exchange programs, CEA allows you to pick which host family you live with. We work hard to make sure you are placed in a warm, welcoming environment that perfectly matches your personality and interests. Attend an Italian school during the week and continue your education, then venture out and explore all that the countryside has to offer. Sample real Italian food, visit the historic sites, and even see Roman ruins! Read on to learn more about what CEA’s program has to offer.

Learn What “La Dolce Vita” Is All About with a Friendly Host Family!

Travelling as part of a high school cultural exchange to Italy, you will stay with a host family that will treat you like their own child. We vet our host families extensively, and before you depart, we send you briefs and photographs of several different families from which you can choose. Few other programs give you such freedom in determining where you end up when you reach Italy. Not only does this allow you to feel safe and comfortable, but it makes settling in that much easier. There’s no time to waste when you have the whole country of Italy to explore in your free time!

For those who simply want the basic experience, we have a six-week program departing at the end of November. For the more adventurous ready to truly experience what being Italian means, we also have three- and six-month long programs that will allow you to truly take the plunge into Italian culture. Our unique high school student cultural experience program to Italy is the stuff out of which lifelong memories are made. With our 24/7 local support, personalised program, and strict safety processes, your parents won’t need to worry about you while you’re off adventuring, either!

CEA’s High School Cultural Exchange to Italy Is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Taking advantage of CEA’s high school cultural exchange program isn’t just a way to better learn the language while having fun and meeting new people. It adds “global brilliance” to your resume, and can be a foundation on which to further build your life. By the end of one of our longer programs, your fluency in Italian will likely be great, which is always an attractive sign to future employers. If you are ready to begin the process of heading to the land of incredible food and interesting people, visit our contact page with your parents to send us a free enquiry today!