Live The Exchange Dream: Be A High School Student In France!

In terms of beauty, culture, art, food, education, architecture and romance, there aren’t many countries in the world that can hold a candle to France. For all of these reasons, many Australian students often dream of one day studying abroad in France—either in college or as a graduate student. At Campus Exchange Australia, our question for you is this: why wait?

Indeed, with CEA, you can live the dream of studying in France in high school! Campus Education Australia (CEA) has been operating as a small boutique educational exchange service since 1998. In the years since, we have grown and evolved, to the point where we now offer exchange programs in six different countries. Perhaps one of our most popular offerings is our high school student exchange program in France.

Why Should You Study in France?

Many high school students are drawn to the idea of a high school exchange in France for tourist-driven reasons. They see photos of Paris or Bordeaux in textbooks or on brochures and want to see those glorious sights for themselves. To be sure, it’s hard to top Bordeaux won the award for the best tourist destination. Also visit Paris a hub for everything from iconic landmarks to famous art. No trip to France is truly comprehensive without a visit to the Louvre to see Da Vinci’s masterworks or a tour of famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe or the Notre Dame.

As for the food, suffice it to say that no one visit to France can do justice to the amazing cuisine to be found in authentic French cafes, bakeries, cheese shops and bistros. From the baguettes to the crepes to the chocolate, French food itself is reason enough to pursue a high school student exchange in France.

The students in CEA’s high school cultural exchange program in France typically get to enjoy all of these perks and more. Our host family screening process looks for families who live in safe areas in or near large cities, in part because we want our students to get the tourist/sightseeing part of the experience. Even students of ours who haven’t been placed in Paris have usually been able to make a trip with their host families to experience the City of Lights and all it has to offer. Suffice it to say that a big part of the CEA exchange program in France is about cultural immersion.

Make Lifelong Friends: Enrol in CEA’s High School Cultural Exchange in France Today!

The other part of the equation, of course, is education. With CEA’s cultural exchange program, you will study in a French school and live with a French family. Along the way, you will build lifelong friendships with the people you meet. Contrary to a popular stereotype, the French aren’t rude at all. In fact, people in France are often incredibly friendly, generous and above all, loyal. Our students often tell us that the bonds they forge with their friends in France—even in a short time—are strong enough to last years and withstand long distances. These human connections with people from other cultures are incredibly beneficial for young people and are a big part of why we do what we do at Campus Exchange Australia.

Are you interested in learning more about our high school student exchange program in France? We invite you to call us on (00) +61 294517071 or (00) +61 418 630 414 today. Enquire now your travel adventure is waiting!