Thinking About A School Trip To Learn French In Paris, France? Choose The Right Length Of Program For You

Are you thinking about enrolling in a temporary language and cultural immersion school trip in France? If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Campus Education Australia, we have been helping students plan French school trips (as well as school trips to various other countries) for nearly 20 years. We started in 1998 and have since offered life-altering immersion experiences to countless students—both from Australia and abroad.

Planning the Length of Your School Trip to Paris

If you want to understand the French culture, master the French language or simply experience something different from what you are accustomed to, then a school trip to Paris is the perfect opportunity. Paris is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities on the planet, and spending a vacation or school term there will surely give you an enriching life experience that you will never forget.

The question is, how long should your school trip to France be?

Answering this question can be tough, particularly when there are a few options available to you. At CEA, we offer school trips to France in varying durations.

On the short end, you can arrange a high school trip to Paris (or some other part of France) for just four or six weeks. Particularly popular is our Christmas vacation package, which lasts for six weeks during your winter break from school. Paris at Christmastime is even more splendid than usual, and you won’t have to take much (or any) time away from school to plan your trip. We also offer high school study trips to France during other times of year that typically coincide with Australian school holidays. As well as the Christmas holiday break in December and January, these trips fall in April and September.

For students looking for a fuller cultural immersion experience, one of our three or five-month programs is worth consideration. For these trips, we will place you with a compatible family and school and allow you to establish a life in France. These longer trips are particularly splendid for developing language fluency.

Ultimately, the choice falls to you, your family and your school. You should consider your goals and your personal hopes, but you should also consider budget, time away from friends and family and time away from school. How long can you bear to be away from your high school friends—particularly if you are a senior and might not be with them for much longer? Can you go away for five months without having to worry about delaying your graduation and going to university? These questions and others are essential to ask before you choose which French school trip is right for you.

Learn More about CEA and Our School Trips to France

If you are interested in arranging a high school trip to Paris, France, get in touch with us at Campus Education Australia. We would be happy to speak with you at length about our different programs and assist you and your family in making the right decision. You can reach us on (00) +61 294517071 or (00) +61 418 630 414.