Exchange Tourism For A High School Program In A Foreign Country

Many of us have goals or bucket list dreams of ‘seeing the world’ someday. But while summer holidays and tourist trips are perfectly fine ways to experience other countries, they don’t really offer the full experience.

That’s where Campus Exchange Australia comes into the equation. At CEA, we offer a range of exchange programs for high school students that make it possible to start ‘seeing the world’ at a young age. Furthermore, when you enrol in a high school foreign exchange through CEA, you are traveling to new and foreign locales not as a tourist, but as a student. You might see a lot of the same sights and eat a lot of the same food, but your total experience will be completely different.

The Difference Between Studying Abroad and Taking a Vacation

When you visit a foreign country like France or Spain on a vacation, there is plenty to love. Seeing the Eiffel Tower or visiting the Louvre are the kinds of popular tourist activities in France that are worth every ounce of hype while getting a glimpse of the Running of the Bulls in Spain is something you will surely never forget.

As a part of one of CEA’s high school exchange programs, you will experience a lot of the same things that you would probably want to experience as a tourist. For example, the delicious French cuisine is still a top perk whether you are in Paris for school or in Paris for vacation.

However, when you are studying abroad, you won’t feel like a tourist. You won’t be staying in anonymous hotels or trying to fit the entire experience of a country into a week’s time. Instead, you will be immersed fully in the culture and life of the country at hand. If you enrol in CEA’s Spain high school foreign exchange program, you will live with a Spanish family, attend a Spanish school and live a Spanish lifestyle. You will, in short, live your life for a semester as a local teenager.

Experiencing a place as a local is entirely different than experiencing a place as a tourist or visitor. And in a foreign place, getting the local experience can be especially rewarding. You will have a chance to experience a new culture firsthand; you will learn a new language by immersing yourself in it entirely; you will see more of the sights, eat more of the great food and experience more of what makes the country exceptional. You will even forge friendships or familial bonds with the people you meet along the way.

Experience a New Culture in a Different Way: Sign up for One of CEA’s High School Foreign Exchange Programs

When you experience a new country as a local, that country becomes a part of you. It is no longer just a pretty place in a pretty picture: it’s in your blood, and the experiences you had there are things you carry with you for all time. Give yourself that kind of unforgettable experience now, by enquiring about CEA’s exchange programs for high school students today! We can’t wait to help you take the first step on the biggest adventure of your life.