Foreign Programs For High School Students That Let You Choose Your Exchange Host Family

In all cases, foreign cultural exchange programs for high school students go to great lengths to find host families that will be safe for the student involved. Host families have to meet a wide range of requirements in order to host an international student all families are security checked and beyond. In addition, cultural exchange programs work hard to prepare a host family to receive a student from a different country and culture.

Bottom line, foreign exchange high school programs are run closely and carefully to ensure that a student is being placed in a positive environment. However, what most organisations do not do is let their exchange students choose their own host families. It is here where Campus Education Australia differs from almost every other high school foreign cultural exchange program—either in Australia or elsewhere.

Introducing Campus Exchange Australia

Founded in 1998, Campus Education Australia (or CEA) is a boutique agency committed to providing the best foreign cultural exchange programs available to high school students in Australia. Because we are a small boutique organisation, we can offer our students and their families a more personal, tailored service than they might receive from a different exchange service. Our partner organisations—located in Italy, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland—are also small boutique organisations. This small size allows us at CEA, and our partner organisations abroad, to spend more time understanding and serving the needs of each individual student.

One of the unique tailored services we offer at CEA is allowing students to select their own host families. Keep in mind that our system for matching students to host families is a robust one. We maintain high standards when vetting and interviewing host families. Our top goal is to find a host family that will help a student to grow and thrive while studying abroad. In particular, we specialise in helping students with unique talents and interests find host families with similar interests. We want students to be able to continue their sports, hobbies and activities when they arrive in their countries of destination.

However, while we do have a very good track record for matching students with compatible host families, we also understand that our students are often the best judge of whether or not a living situation will work. With that thought in mind, we ask each individual exchange student in our program to weigh in and help us choose the right host family. No other foreign high school exchange organisation offers this courtesy, but we do it because we believe it makes it easier to guarantee a great overseas study experience.

Learn More about Our Foreign Exchange Programs for High Schools Students

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