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Credits and Study Abroad


Credits and Study abroad programs, how will this effect me?

Preparing At Home As soon as possible, make an appointment with your guidance counselor to discuss your interest in studying abroad.
Talk to your guidance counselor about the Campus Education(CEA)  program you are interested in. Ask your guidance counselor if any other students at your school or within your district have studied abroad. It will be Your school that will determine if they will accept your Study abroad and give you Credits. Please see your counselor.
Determine what classes you may have to take in your school before or after your High School Study Abroad program, also you can bring your text books with you and send work back home to your teachers to be assessed while you away.

Determine what information your high school needs before and after your Study Abroad program. (transcripts, copies of coursework, etc.)
Explore the possible options for completing the necessary school credits in your home country, and discuss these options with your guidance counselor to confirm whether they will be sufficient for your diploma. For example:

Sign up for summer school courses with your school district

Take extra classes at a local community or junior college Research accredited high school courses that can be completed via the internet or by mail Request a written agreement or confirmation from your school guidance counselor regarding coursework required for graduation, to prevent any confusion once you return from your program. 

While Abroad You will learn your class schedule after you arrive at your host school. A school administrator will assist you with registering for classes based upon your previous academic background and language ability.
Since each  all schools abroad has their own policy regarding credit transfer and the issuance of transcripts, we cannot guarantee that you will receive academic credit during your time abroad. It is each student’s responsibility to request an official transcript from their host school to bring back any samples of schoolwork for teachers in your home country if required. Many students receive for several of the courses they take overseas Example  A,B,C  75% 85% 95%  or Pass Fail.  You just have to ask and the school will of be very obliging to assist as long as you have attend 100% during your time here and contributed while you on the program . Keep in mind, you must do thorough research yourself to ensure this will work with your future goals.
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