Dreaming of seeing the world? Campus Education can help get you there. Our cultural programs enables students to:

  • »  fully immerse yourself in another culture;
  • »  gain independence and confidence;
  • »  and make friends around the world to form networks for life.
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    1. USA high school cultural exchange experience 3-6 weeks, 3, 5, 10 month programs

      Attend an American school and live with a great American family as a local teenager. Join our Hello USA 3 – 4 week April Spring break trip or go on our unique USA White Xmas 6 weeks program end November/December-January to beautiful Ohio USA. (our program is Unique and the only program offering you a short and memorable taste of American life while enjoying a White Xmas with a full cultural experience in the USA) Our 3, 5, 10 month program is for Students keen for the full immersion. Placements can be in any of our preferred 20 states in the USA. We are keen to ensure you are placed with caring American families so you experience a full cultural immersion on our classic program. If you really wish to choose a specific location this is on request basis only, additional fees apply.

    2. White Xmas 6 week High school cultural exchange in Ohio USA and live with a local American family for 6 weeks and 3 weeks in an American high school. USA 3-4 week program is available April Spring break and White Xmas program November/December-January.
    3. Click here for “Hello America here I come” video

    4. School Life in USA A Typical American school day starts at about 7.30 – 8.30am and ends 2.30 – 3.30pm including a great hot lunch in the cafeteria the typical American way. Subjects at schoolinclude Math, Science, History, English and 2 electives.
    5. Sports and Activities Join the school cheer team, baseball, soccer, wrestling, gym, dance, diving, football, basketball, track, swim or water polo teams. Schools are all very involved with school sports and always exciting. During winter enjoy skiing or snowboarding, depending on the location of placement.
    6. Host family life in America Host families are carefully chosen by our host family coordinator in the USA who personally interview all the families. Host families will show you all the great sightseeing hot spots and really include you in the family. Many placements are in smaller towns to ensure the family is available to be there to include you in daily American life. Large cities are difficult as both parents are usually working and housing is very small and limited. Live with a great family and you will really get the opportunity to experience true American lifestyle. There is so much to see and do and each state is very diverse. Weekends include sporting activities, swimming, fishing, tubing down the river, movies, hanging out with friends, shopping and eating

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