Dreaming of seeing the world? Campus Education can help get you there. Our cultural programs enables students to:

  • »  fully immerse yourself in another culture;
  • »  gain independence and confidence;
  • »  and make friends around the world to form networks for life.
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    Swiss High school or Language school cultural experience with a difference

    Our Swiss program in tailor made for you. Come for 6 weeks on a White Xmas cultural exchange and attend a local Language school or High school and stay with a great Swiss family. Do you want live in the beautiful Swiss villages or a large town in Switzerland? Come in Winter get the chance to experience some snow or come in the summer the weather is crispy clean, fresh air with blue sky, crystal blue lakes with lots of adventure and great things to see and do.

    Enjoy the fresh mountain air, visit beautiful old towns in Switzerland like Chur, or popular Zurich, Basel or Solothun they are all German speaking and Beil is bilingual town speaking both French and German.

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    Chocolate is very popular in Switzerland, enjoy beautiful Swiss Chocolate everyday and eat chocolates to your hearts delight while you dip into a Swiss chocolate fondue after school with friends.

    The idea of going skiing, walking out of your front door in winter with your foot planted in white snow. Study in a local high school or language school and have full immersion with a great local Swiss family. Switzerland has main towns with smaller villages on the outer skirts of each town and all lovely.

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    SCHOOL LIFE in Switzerland is governed under a canton and there are 28 in Switzerland. Placements are usually in the German speaking part, we do have the possibility also of the French part, please mentioned to our team during the interview. Students start school at 8am until 4-5pm and have 1-2 hours warmed cooked lunch at home if you live close by or at school . School life is fun and interesting. You can take up music, sports, athletics, basketball, volleyball, tennis and skiing, snowboarding in the winter months. They also have gymnasiums to play team sports during the winter.

    SPORTS & ACTIVITIES. There are many sporting clubs, private sport activities and local sport teams. Sport plays an important role and this can be done outside of school. Volleyball, basketball, tennis, football, soccer, swimming, athletics, horse riding. These are very popular and there are many team sports and groups you can join on the weekend. Ski clubs, snowboarding clubs.

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    HOST FAMILY LIFE in Switzerland Host families are caring and welcoming. Host families – you can choose the family you will like to stay with. They are carefully chosen by our host family coordinator in Switzerland and personally interviews the families. All families are security checked prior to student placement. Most are mostly in the German speaking part and we have a few in the French speaking part. Families love to host Australian students. Most of the families have experienced their own child who may have studied abroad and they would like to experience hosting an exchange student now with their family. Families do many activities together, cycling, hiking, visiting museums, shopping, movies. T Families will live either in major towns or smaller villages. The public transport to get anywhere is very good so you will be able to get around.

  • “Switzerland is like a fairytale. The alps are beautiful and I felt really included with my host family.I made some great friends and just loved my time in Switzerland.” Jasmin – Australia.
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    SIGHTSEEING, SPORTS, FREE TIME weekends, leisure time and fun This is the best part. Switzerland is much smaller then Australia and the township/villages you will find are much smaller and safe in both towns and the villages. There is plenty to do. You can join a local sports team, volleyball, tennis, football, basketball, hand ball, canoeing, tobogganing, cycling, hiking, horse riding and much more.

  • Freedom, fun and heaps of things to see and do on the weekends. Visit the beautiful museums dating back to the 11th century, go back in time and visit the amazing Castles that you see in a fairytale book as there are many. Your family will take you to some great places, sightseeing. Chocolate and cheese are popular in Switzerland so maybe visit a chocolate factory, a cheese factory or just go skiing, snowboarding if you are there in winter.
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