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Dreaming of seeing the world? Campus Education can help get you there. Our cultural programs enables students to:

      CANADIAN Prairies High school 5, 10 months Cultural Exchange experience

      Canadian people are friendly helpful and warm people. Our Prairies weather is diverse with cold winters, hot summers, soft lush springs and gloriously colored autumns. The Prairies are vast with a magnificent mosaic of wide open spaces, valleys, forests, lakes, rivers, small mountains, towns and cities. The variety of experiences and discoveries available are never ending! Placements can be in Regina, Saskatoon, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg in beautiful Saskatchewan.

School Life: is a great place to meet some great new friends. School starts 9.00am – 3.30pm weekdays. Semester 1 starts September to Jan Semester 2 starts February – June. English is the spoken language. Education is a priority to us along with learning the English language and culture. We have excellent high schools that are waiting to welcome you. Classes include teacher instruction, group activities & individual learning programs. Our high schools offer excellent resources such as field trips, music, sports, creative arts or driver’s education. Exchange students find our curriculum quite easy so you have time to enjoy classes in cooking, photography, autobody, band, drama plus the standard English, Mathematics, Sciences, Social Studies plus a choice of 2 elective subjects and these vary from school. Our high schools on the Prairies offer small town friendliness where you will easily make friends and soon become part of the group.

Sports & Activities: In high school you can participate in lots of activities and sports. Schools will offer various sports and may include cheer leading, skiing, snowboarding, golf, volleyball, football, hockey, soccer. Music and Performing arts is a strong part of the school and there are many clubs you can join and play in a team.

Host Family Life: Our Host Families are at the heart of every exchange and they give from their hearts! Our caring Host Families offer their time, homes, resources and affections when students come to live with them. They volunteer to give a loving, caring home for no other reason than but to make a difference to a student from another culture.

Leisure Time Weekend & Fun: Lots of great things to do in Canada on the PRAIRIES. Prairies adventures -snowmobiling, horseback trail riding in grassland, fishing, camping and tenting with the sea of stars, ice hockey with friends after school on the frozen ponds, curling, dogsledding, ice fishing, winter festivals, hiking, boating on the sparkling lake. The Prairies program is a country & rural lifestyle and everyone has time to do things together, you feel included in your family, the community and the school, families are very relaxed and have time to be there for you, its a breath of pure fresh air.

Cultural Exchange in Canadian Prairies was an amazing experience! It’s so different from home. I never have felt freedom like I do here on the Prairies. I really love the huge sky, the sunrises and sunsets, dazzling Northern Lights and a canopy of a million stars overhead!/ Christina from Australia

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