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Host Family

Dreaming of seeing the world? Campus Education can help get you there. Our cultural programs enables students to:

Host Family

Host families on the program are caring, warm, understanding, easy going and enjoy experiencing a cultural exchange with you. All families live in the in very nice areas around near the school in a safeareas. You will be matched with a great family near the school

Where will I live?

Full immersion with a Local family in a great home.  Families come in all shapes and sizes, our aim it to matching you with a great family with similar interests. Host families around the world are all in great locations. They can be near local beaches, local ski slopes, local shopping areas, in a local traditional village, sporting activities, schools, friends are all just a short walk, bike ride or bus trip away.

Tell me more about Australian families

Australians are known for being laid back, open, friendly and close to nature. Team sports such as rugby, Aussie rules football and cricket are very popular. Australians are said to have a strong sense of dry humour. The majority of the population can trace European ancestors, signs of which can still be found in the culture. The Australian cuisine is renowned for being the most multi-cultural in the world. The Aborigines, the original inhabitants, today only make up about 1.5% of the population but many people are fascinated by their century old culture.

Am I close to the beaches and local shopping malls?

Going to the beaches is easy. You will either walk, take a local bus, go with your host family on weekends or after school. Surfing is very popular and you can have a surf lesson or live virtually on your surfboard at the beach or take your homework at complete this at the beach. There are many opportunities to join a local sports team or individual sporting activities you are keen to do.

Sightseeing and weekends

Always many things to do. You will be very close to some of the best beaches in the world. Visit local Australian sights, go shopping with friends, visit markets, museums, art galleries or swim in the local olympic pool.  You can join the local workout gym and work out daily with your school friends and this is a real social event. See kangaroos and koalas. Attend a local Football match as the crowds raw with excitment. So much to see and do you will never get bored. Start packing Now ……

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