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Host family reviews

CEA families share why they invite students into their homes and  how it has had a profound impact on their lives!




“Well we can not thank you enough for the wonderful experience we had with CEA student from Switzerland. We have only one daughter and she is 17 and she was very keen to experience having a host sister come and stay. CEA is great at matching the right student with the right home. She was a perfect match. My daughter had a fabulous sister and they got on so well it was an unbelievable experience. We have just return from Switzerland and visited her and had a wonderful time as she grows into a young adult. Deb.



“Becoming a host family has been one of the best experiences for our family. We have two daughters aged 8 and 11 and they have had a wonderful experience. We decided it would be a nice experience for them to have a host brother of 15 and he was like the brother they never had. They had a great time together with learning that boys are the same as girls, they had fun with dress up games, water balloon throwing, exchanging cultures and just enjoying having a brother. He loved being part of the family, he went along with all their requests and he felt part of the family. He also had time to do his own thing and decided surfing was his passion. He came and went and lots of friends his own age at school. It was a wonderful experience Thank you for sharing your fabulous CEA students with us.” Jenny.