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Study Abroad Campus Education was established in 1998 and has many years of experience assisting and guiding teenagers to be Globally aware while enjoying a full local immersion abroad in a safe nurturing environment.

We are here to offer teenagers, families a personal unique experience on our Study Abroad programs. Students have an option to go to  Australia, Austria, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Study Abroad Campus Education’s aim is to help young people to gain a deeper understanding of themselves through learning about others with a global cultural experience.

We offer one on one support to families and offer caring and quality professional assistance to help you make the right decision for your teenager.

Our goal is to provide visiting teenagers with a memorable learning experience and give the families back home a sense of security of the knowledge that your teenagers are being guided by Study Abroad Campus Education  and their home host family.

CEA offers a very unique individual program for each student. Young people today are looking for challenges and need variety and stimulation in their lives and they also need guidance.

Be certain CEA does their utmost to ensure that your teenagers are comfortable and maximizing their stay in our country. We are here to assist and care for your teenagers as if they were our own.