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  1. asdssdWe offer High School Study Abroad cultural exchange programs, educational Study Tours globally around the world including Australia, Austria Chile, Denmark, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Switzerland and USA. Our programs focus on a cross cultural experience living a true immersion, academic studies and living the Dream.
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    Australia High School Study Abroad cultural exchange experience 1, 2, 3 & 5 months

    Dreaming of coming on a cultural exchange while studying in local High School? Our Study Abroad school program is for 1,2,3 & 5 months, arriving mid January, April, July or October. Students have a full immersion in the day to day life of our Australian culture.   Our Host families and schools are in great areas in and around New South Wales Australia and not far from great surf beaches in the world and we also offer a surf school program. Register Today

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    Austria, Chile, China, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland 4, 6 weeks, 3, 5 months High school cultural exchange experience with a difference!

    Perfect your speaking skills while studying abroad in a local school or language school. A true family immersion, cultural and language experience. Start your Adventure today

    High School study tours to Chile, France, Italy, Germany, Spain

    Study tours run in conjunction with Australian school holidays in April, September, January and tailor made for your school. Experience living with a local family and exchange ideas in a local high school. Speak with your French, Italian, German and Spanish language teacher or contact us for more details and join one of our tours departing. Refer to our Study Tours with full itinerary and inclusions under destinations.Study Tour enquiry

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    WHITE Christmas High school cultural exchange experience for 6 weeks during your summer break to France, Italy, Germany, Spain & Switzerland with a full family Immersion

    Austria, Ciao Italy, Viva Le France, Guten tag Germany, Hola Spain for 6 weeks cultural exchange. This is a great program that is open to students keen to have a taste and full immersion living in another country will visiting a local school and living with a local family in a safe area. Christmas 6 week program departs in December and returns early January. Immersion in the day to day life truly experiencing the culture immersion in Italian, French, German. Spanish. Make lifelong friends.Destinations OR Contact us now.

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    Australia Internship + Study English school in Sydney Australia during your Summer break 4-12 weeks

    Improve your language speaking skills. Come on our Internship + Study program for 4-12 weeks. Voluntary placement in an Australian company + Studying English in a great local English language school. Go during your summer vacation break or any time during the year. Live with a Local Australian family, study english, lots of time for sightseeing, surf school and complete your Internship and perfect your English conversation skills. If you are from USA and Canada or English is your first language, the Internship + Adventure + Australian family experience will be great. It is a truly unique experience where students have full immersion in the day to day life truly experiencing our Australian culture from 16 – 21 yrs . Enquire now

    Australia Summer Study Tours – English + Immersion + Surfing in Sydney Australia during your Summer break 2 – 12 weeks

    Summer Study Program. English + Discover + Surfing. Any time during the year, come and live with a local Australian family, study English, Surfing school and lots of time for conversation and sightseeing. It is truly a unique experience for students to have a full immersion in the day to day life in Australia and truly experiencing our Australian culture and enjoy a relaxed, safe lifestyle while surfing our amazing beaches . Age from 16 – 20 yrs . Enquire now

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